Phone keeps shutting down, panic logs say possibly NAND issue.

Was having shutdowns when wifi and bluetooth were enabled, issue persists, any idea? Should I post the full panic logs in its ips form? I used a log reader that said it was a potential NAND issue and was wondering if there was anything I could do to mitigate that, text states.

panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffff03fcd3980): "port enable failed: 0xe00002d6" @AppleMultiFunctionManager.cpp:1657

Debugger message: panic

Memory ID: 0xff

OS release type: User

OS version: 21F90

Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 23.5.0: Wed May 1 20:34:31 PDT 2024; root:xnu-10063.122.3~3/RELEASE_ARM64_T8110

Fileset Kernelcache UUID: B2293D7E1755921FBD66F5086067836A

Kernel UUID: A0FB0214-4717-32F2-ACC0-1165A0F65F0D

Boot session UUID: 6F656B9A-130E-4EA1-9BEB-3701F403445C

iBoot version: iBoot-10151.122.5

secure boot?: YES

roots installed: 0

Paniclog version: 14

Debug Header address: 0xfffffff01ddbd000

Debug Header entry count: 3

TXM load address: 0xfffffff02dd5c000

TXM UUID: B43BB37F-51D6-3242-9FD6-C1DE32BCC4B8

Debug Header kernelcache load address: 0xfffffff03dd5c000

Debug Header kernelcache UUID: B2293D7E-1755-921F-BD66-F5086067836A

SPTM load address: 0xfffffff01dd5c000

SPTM UUID: 859BD042-F87B-3F5F-AB62-46DBD0EE824C

KernelCache slide: 0x0000000036d58000

KernelCache base: 0xfffffff03dd5c000

Kernel slide: 0x0000000036d60000

Kernel text base: 0xfffffff03dd64000

Kernel text exec slide: 0x0000000037aa4000

Kernel text exec base: 0xfffffff03eaa8000

mach_absolute_time: 0x1f05e7f47

Epoch Time: sec usec

Boot : 0x664eac40 0x00036e55

Sleep : 0x00000000 0x00000000

Wake : 0x00000000 0x00000000

Calendar: 0x664ead93 0x000c0be8

Zone info:

Zone map: 0xffffffe6bc498000 - 0xffffffecbc498000

. VM : 0xffffffe6bc498000 - 0xffffffe7a2afc000

. RO : 0xffffffe7a4000000 - 0xffffffe7f2000000

. GEN0 : 0xffffffe7f2000000 - 0xffffffe8d7edc000

. GEN1 : 0xffffffe8d7edc000 - 0xffffffe9bddb8000

. GEN2 : 0xffffffe9bddb8000 - 0xffffffeaa3c94000

. GEN3 : 0xffffffeaa3c94000 - 0xffffffeb89b70000

. DATA : 0xffffffeb89b70000 - 0xffffffecbc498000

Metadata: 0xffffffeff6a24000 - 0xffffffeff8224000

Bitmaps : 0xffffffeff8224000 - 0xffffffeff8c70000

Extra : 0 - 0

CORE 0 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff03ec2567c

CORE 1 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff03ec26b74

CORE 2 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff03ec26b74

CORE 3 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff03ec26b74

CORE 4 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff03ec26b74

CORE 5 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff03ec26b74

TPIDRx_ELy = {1: 0xffffffe8d832d050 0: 0x0000000000000000 0ro: 0x0000000000000000 }

CORE 0 is the one that panicked. Check the full backtrace for details.

CORE 1: PC=0xfffffff03eb16db8, LR=0xfffffff03eb16db8, FP=0xffffffdc12cb3ef0

CORE 2: PC=0xfffffff03ec21e64, LR=0xfffffff03ec21e60, FP=0xffffffdc129bfe80

CORE 3: PC=0x000000018f7b30b8, LR=0x00000001967ab638, FP=0x000000016da61c90

CORE 4: PC=0xfffffff03eb16dbc, LR=0xfffffff03eb16db8, FP=0xffffffdc12b0fef0

CORE 5: PC=0xfffffff03eb16dbc, LR=0xfffffff03eb16db8, FP=0xffffffdc12d67ef0

Compressor Info: 72% of compressed pages limit (OK) and 26% of segments limit (OK) with 2 swapfiles and OK swap space

Panicked task 0xffffffe9bde639c0: 0 pages, 494 threads: pid 0: kernel_task

Panicked thread: 0xffffffe8d832d050, backtrace: 0xffffffdc129fb710, tid: 1003

lr: 0xfffffff03eae4630 fp: 0xffffffdc129fb790

lr: 0xfffffff03ec1f8bc fp: 0xffffffdc129fb800

lr: 0xfffffff03ec1dfd8 fp: 0xffffffdc129fb8e0

lr: 0xfffffff03eaac748 fp: 0xffffffdc129fb8f0

lr: 0xfffffff03eaac6f0 fp: 0xffffffdc129fbcc0

lr: 0xfffffff03f1e5a70 fp: 0xffffffdc129fbce0

lr: 0xfffffff03fcd3980 fp: 0xffffffdc129fbd70

lr: 0xfffffff03fcd4a04 fp: 0xffffffdc129fbdc0

lr: 0xfffffff03fcd4108 fp: 0xffffffdc129fbe50

lr: 0xfffffff03f105f34 fp: 0xffffffdc129fbea0

lr: 0xfffffff03f1029b0 fp: 0xffffffdc129fbee0

lr: 0xfffffff03f1032c8 fp: 0xffffffdc129fbf20

lr: 0xfffffff03eaad024 fp: 0x0000000000000000

Kernel Extensions in backtrace:[3B333C59-A9DE-3018-B18E-223465A0A021]@0xfffffff03fccd9c0->0xfffffff03fcd8e03







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