TCL Board issue, or other?

Had an issue last year with a TCL 55S401 (discussed here). Swapped boards and unit has been working fine since. Yesterday, not only has the original problem resurfaced, but with another issue not encountered before.

Block Image

What's seen in image is what occasionally happened when doing a restart or reset from TV system menu. Lines thickness and colors varies with each re-occurrence. TV audio not affected. If left unplugged for a few hours, unit works until eventual failure.

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@ic1 which boards did you end up replacing? Is that one thick black bar on the right hand side of the image? Is there more of your screen to the right of it or is it the end of the screen?


I had replaced the t-con. And, yes, that is thick black bar. First time I encountered lines after resetting from menu, lines were very thin on white background IIRC. Last night it went dark again while using PS5. Unplugged it and disconnected everything but OTA antenna. Tonight, for the past few hours it has been running fine (so far) with just a vero4k box attached

@ic1 could be an issues with the ribbon cables. You may need to check for any corrosion etc on those. The thick black bar means that your LCD does not get data signal to a complete COF TAB


I'll open it up this coming weekend. Is it common for the cables to just come loose like that?

@ic1 not common but it does happen. They are bonded with a special process and some panels are made better than others:-)

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