MacBook dead after slight waterdamage

Hi there,

I just got a 2006 MacBook in for repair and wanted to ask you for help. The MB has taken damage from a little piece of pure water. Some drops came all down through the keyboard and reached the logic board. After some months or years the water did it's job and messed up some soldered parts.

Now the macbook won't turn on :-(

It does absolutely nothing when pressing the powerbutton. The battery is loading, by the way...

I disassembled the device and removed the mainboard to have a closer look at it. After inspecting the whole logic PCB under a microscope, it seems that there are only some parts affected from the water influence.

Block Image

I tried to measure the two marked resistors (?) and both have a resistance of more than 2 MΩ, or are even open!

So, if anybody has a similiar logicboard flying around, could you please measure both resistors? In my picture I accidentally marked only the totaly broken one, but I also need the left part.

Block Image

Thanks a lot, this community rocks ;-)


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