What causes graphics to change colors and flicker?

MacBook Pro 15 A1286 2.53 Mid-2010

I have taken the back cover off of my MacBook Pro and if I apply pressure to the logic board in certain spots, the graphics return to normal. I'm assuming there is a loose or bad solder connection somewhere, but does anyone know WHERE on the logic board I should look for such an issue? Any tips for troubleshooting this is greatly appreciated seeing as this is a real butt kicker right now! Thanks in advance!

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Hook it up to an external monitor. If this solves the problem (or the problem does not appear on the external), reseat the LDVS cable.

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great! I'm gonna read the guide and try that, ill keep you posted. Thanks!

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I would imagine you are pressing opposite the VGC (video graphics chip) These are notorious for developing cold (cracked or lose) solder joints over time because: a)EPA rules have changed the composition of "acceptible" solder and b) these chips get very hot, and cool down often.

The problem is that it's not easy to correct that fault. Some have had some luck making and inserting a shim (substitute finger) to press on the spot (using stacked paper, fiber, plastics, coins, washers have all been used) between the case (inside) and the logic board... eventually these also fail but sometimes they can extend the useful life of the unit by months, even years.

Re-soldering the chip is expensive as it requires complete dis/reassembly of most of the computer, special tools and solder.

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Hey thanks so much! That all makes perfect sense. I think what I will try first is to put a small shim under the NVidia chip and see if the added pressure takes care of the issue. What may be happening is when I apply a small amount of force to really any part of the board, it may be putting enough pressure on the chip against the backside of the keyboard which is making the bad solder joint seem good. I'll keep you posted on my findings. Thanks a bunch!

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