Toyota's fifth generation Pickup

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Cannot find a shifter housing gasket?

I don't need a new extension housing oil baffle plate like the dealer says. Just the gasket between shift the housing and the transmission case.

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Derek Dee, exactly where is this gasket located? I understand the transmission, but not sure about the "shift the housing" Are you talking about where the shift lever enters the transmission?

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thanks but already seen that diagram. its not for my car. i have a 94 toyota pickup 2WD 2.4L

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If you follow the Product Fitment/Applications on the link I provided, you may see that it is TOYOTA 4Runner 2400CC, MANUAL , 4-SPEED TRUCK, STANDARD

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Derrek Dee, you did not mention what transmission you have and if it is a 4X4 or etc. But, if you are looking for the Control Shift Lever Retainer Gasket, it is available at places like this. I attached an image just to make sure that this is what you need. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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