Very odd. Rebooting/Resetting issue. iPhone 4 TECH's HELP out!

Ok, so I do iPhone repairs. I have run into something very odd that i have no seen before.

So I have this phone that has a broken screen and back. I do a repair on it. When I go to boot it back up, nothing. Plug it into the charger and it reboots, but it comes to the grey "iPhone" screen for when you set up your phone. Battery % said 100%, so I unplugged the phone. It dies.

Plug it back up. Unplug again, it dies.

I begin investigating...Change out the battery. No change. Change out the charge port, it works...for a day or so. Got up today and it was off again and is now doing the "plugged in at setup screen, unplugged is dead"

The water indicators on the logic board are fine. So I got curious...I swapped the logic board out for another phone that I know was working...same exact thing happened. SO it HAS to be something on current midframe/phone, non-logic board related...I assume...any ideas? Anybody seen this before?

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