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Speaker doesn't work and the touch screen is kinda messed up?

I replaced the screen of the ipod touch for a friend. Never done a fourth gen till now and nothing but problems. Since the screen didnt fit perfectly, somebody on here suggested i use superglue. I made sure everything worked perfectly, then super glued it. Now, the speaker wont put out any sound. I can still change the volume of it, but the sound won't come out. The headphones work fine. Also, with the top half of the digitizer, swiping (ex. left to right) works fine, however, if i tap (ex. to open an app) it wont work. I am losing my mind with this!

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Hopefully you didn't use too much Super Glue. That was stupid, but if you didn't use too much the damage shouldn't be too bad.

If you didn't use a lot, it's likely you can remove the old screen with little to no effort. However, it WILL get cracked during removal; there's no way around this. If you used a lot you're likely to inflict a fair amount of damage on the iPod and may damage other components removing the LCD assembly.

I'd honestly recommend just replacing the LCD shield in your iPod; removing the glue isn't going to be easy and you'll spend more time removing it then you will replacing the shield.

Once you remove the display, replace the midframe. Cleaning the glue from this part is not practical, since a used replacement that works is often cheap to purchase. A parts iPod will suffice for this if you need to go that route. As long as you can test the home button and see it works, you do not need to be picky about anything else. This is the part you now need: iPod touch (4th Gen) Midframe

After removing the midframe and LCD, check the components and flex cables inside for damage. If you see any and it's serious, I'd just replace the iPod for her and never do something so dumb ever again (if it's your fault).

Here's the parts you need:

iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen 이미지


iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen


iPod touch (4th Gen) Adhesive Strips 이미지


iPod touch (4th Gen) Adhesive Strips


iPod touch (4th Gen) Midframe 이미지


iPod touch (4th Gen) Midframe


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okay, screen was defective...but when i removed it, the stupid digitizer cable broke. i was so careful that the lcd cable stayed plugged in, but the somewhat longer digitizer cable snapped clean in half. idek anymore. but the speaker has snapped cables. luckily i didnt use much superglue...just enough to keep the screen on. adhesive wouldve probably been even stronger lol. so i'm going to order a new screen. i have another friend that does this all the time so im going to use his seller from amazon. could anybody point me in the direction of teh right adhesive strips? amazon seems to only have the generic ones for all only looking to spend a few bucks on those please

thank you everyone for your help!!

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NEVER use super glue. Who told you to do that? Seriously...

Sounds like you probably ripped the speaker cable. It is very easy to do on these model iPods during a screen repair. Also, it sounds like you probably have a defective screen. I would contact whoever you got the screen from and let them know you have a defective screen and see if they will send a new one

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+ good answer, I just edited the profanity ;-) No name calling amongst professionals ;-)

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yes you are right i did rip the speaker cable....both actually :/ i wish i knew who told me to use superglue so i could go give them a piece of my mind...but unfortunately, idr who he was

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