Will not charge fully or at all sometimes.

I recently received a iBook G4 from a friend, they did mention that the battery wasn't great. After a few months the machine wasn't charging fully. It seemed the connector for the charger wasn't working properly so I purchased a new one. Since I have been using the new one it doesn't charge fully, or its shows its plugged in but not charging, or when it is plugged in its not recognizing that it is. Is it a problem with the battery or with the connection?

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Download Coconut battery and it will tell you the remaining capacity of the battery. http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutba...

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The only way to be certain is to use a different battery in your computer or use your battery in another computer. I think it is probably the battery. Ralph

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Rereading I'm not sure if you meant you replaced the power adapter or the dc in board. If you replaced the adapter you might possibly have a bad dc in card. Ralph

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