Re-solder the power socket?


As the title might explain, I have accidentally taken the power socket from the logic board whilst upgrading the hard drive. I did everything else fine, but this is obviously quite a major bit to get wrong...

I'm thinking of just buying a Weller WM120 as someone suggested on another post, but wanted to know if it is possible, seeing as I have the power socket in tact, to just put it back on the board by using a solder iron to melt the wires back onto the board?



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Hi Freddie,

No problem to solder back the connector to the logic board if the connector still has the two traces intact in the front of it. I use a Weller WM120 to do this kind of job and it's working well. Apply a little flux on the two logic board pads then just melt a little solder on each of them (be careful to not bridge the two pads) with solder). Then place your socket traces over the pads, apply flux on them and just briefly touch the two traces with the solder gun tip. You can also solder the socket retainers at the two sides of it. Use a frontal lamp to lighten the socket area while you're working.

If your socket traces are broken and non available it will be hard to use the socket. If you have a compatible faulty board you can remove the power switch connector from it and use it on the good board. Another solution I use when the connector can't be installed is to solder the white and blue power switch cables directly to the logic board pads. Watch out for the cables polarity. Once the cables are soldered to the pads apply hot glue on the them to secure the job. Good luck....

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