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iPod seems to work, but cant hear anything

My 5TH gen ipod video seems to be operating alright, but as I was listining to it I could hear what sounded like some type of interference and shortly after I could not hear any thing else. I can still charge it, and navigate the menus but dont hear anything. Any clues?

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toyo, of course make sure that it is not your headphones that are malfunctioning. Also, hook your iPod up to a dock connector and see if you get sound that way. If you do, I would first insert and pull out the headphones a couple of times in rapide succession, the headphone jack might be either stuck or have dirt in it. If cleaning does not work, I would think about replacing this first. The 5th gen has some issues with the audio IC loosing contact. Squeeze next to the click wheel at the 4 o'clock position and see if that brings the sound back, if it does, you can either replace your logic board or replace it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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