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My click wheel and power button is unresponsive

I've had my 4th Generation Ipod for about 4 years now, and everything is fine i never dropped nor damaged it whatsoever. I used it one day and the click wheel became unresponsive and it shut down on me. I was able to turn it back on but the click wheel became unusable for me to shut it off or even shuffle around. Should i just take it to repair or is there any way i can save my money and fix it myself?

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Here's the best answer I've seen on this issue: it seems that there is some design flaw on the the new curved casing on the 4th gen. i've been reading thru different posts and this seems to be a recurring problem and needs to be addressed by apple. the board/clickwheel after a lot of use loosens up and creating some form of unstable contact, a solution i found is by adding a firm backing to it. i did this by inserting a piece of thin plastic (thin old credit card would do) between the board and the aluminum casing on the bottom end of the iPod. tried this with 2 of my iPods and it worked. of course you need to take the bottom plastic cover and the aluminum connector support with the 2 screws first.

Why has my iPod click wheel stopped working?

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okay thanks maybe ill try that. but another concern is, this wont damage my ipod from using it when i put it back together?

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yeah I stiil dont understand how to do it. a video tutorial or some pictures would probally be better.

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