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How do I do a tune up on my Nissan Titan 2004 XL?

I have a Nissan Titan 2004 XL 4 DOORS v.8. i just bought this truck on a dealer and i need to know how to do a tune up the truck is running good but the oil is dark and i don't know if need to change spark plug or when to do it. Thanks.

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Nissan lists the normal replacement interval for your spark plugs at 105,000 miles. They are accessed by unplugging and removing the bolt that holds each coil onto the valve cover and simply lifting the coils up. Then you can remove the spark plugs with a socket and long extension.

Nissan spark plugs

As far as the dark oil, that sounds like you need an oil & filter change. (Always a good idea if you just bought the truck and you don't know its previous service history)


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