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I need help with fixing the head gasket valve

So i've been working on a quality farm and country head gasket and in the big piston inside theres a little gap at its edges. Is that bad or should i replace it

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now you need to tell us who built the engine for your mower. It is definitely an AYP and if it is the same mower as from your other question, we know its a 16.5 HP. Is it B&S or Kohler or anybody else?

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B&S it is the other one

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when you turned it on a lot of smoke blew out and it would turn off, so we're changing the head gasket valve. And hopefully that's all we have to do

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It is normal to have some "gap" at the top of the piston. The rings make up the difference in size and seal between the piston and the cylinder wall. Here is an example picture:

What was the original problem that lead you to tearing the engine apart?


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Bill, click on Juan icon to see his other questions on this mower. If nothing else, he's persistent.

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