Why is my fan always running fast?

I have a problem. My CPU ist working and my fan always running fast? The temperature is ok?!? Can you help me???

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The fans run to cool the CPU when you're working it hard (videos, games and the like). To check the temperature you need to use a 3rd part fan application there are several out there.

Some Logic board temperature sensor? before replacing the logic board if you have a bad temperature sensor. Be sure to purchase the proper tools to open your laptop - every job is easier when you have the right tools.

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Thank you for fast answer....

The problem is, the fan is running fast when i turn it on!

The temperature is good! The CPU system is high?!? Why??

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A bad temperature señor could be the likely cause this. - Use the second link above for more information.

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whenever my computer is running fast I open it and clean ALL dust out of it,

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