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Can I fix screen with "random touchs"?

I don't know why, my ipod nano "thinks someone is touching it".

And it access menu, and do things alone!

I just tried to reset, to restore, and even entered diagnostic mode (it says screen are ok).

Many times screen look like unresponsive, because of there is a ghost touching it, I think.

And it's getting worse.

My doubt is: replacing screen will fix it?

Thank you very much.

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Edigar, this could be cause by a bad digitizer circuitry. I would change the digitizer and make sure that the connector is clean, no debris or corrosion between the connector and the cable. Here is the guide and the part is available on here as well as many other places. Hope this helps, good luck.

iPod nano (6th Gen) Display Assembly 이미지


iPod nano (6th Gen) Display Assembly


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