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要确保处理器不发烫且运行顺畅,涂散热膏是必须的。按照该通用指南的操作方法,您可以在移除散热器或CPU后重新涂抹散热膏。想要获得针对你所使用的CPU的进一步的指导,请查阅如下Arctic Silver网站的文章:涂抹方法.

  1. 散热膏的作用是将处理器的热量传递给散热器。若重装电脑时不重新涂散热膏,会导致处理器过热,而最终造成永久损坏。
    • 散热膏的作用是将处理器的热量传递给散热器。若重装电脑时不重新涂散热膏,会导致处理器过热,而最终造成永久损坏。

    • 在新涂一层散热膏前,你必须将旧的散热膏从处理器及散热器的表面擦除。

    the best way to clean a CPU or a GPU is to use a spudger and ISOPROPYL its an alcohol that dries fast




    What is isopropyl

    Ronald - 답글

  2. 使用Spudger撬棒的平直端,尽可能多的将散热器中心铜位置的已经固化的散热膏移除。 使用Spudger撬棒的平直端,尽可能多的将散热器中心铜位置的已经固化的散热膏移除。
    • 使用Spudger撬棒的平直端,尽可能多的将散热器中心铜位置的已经固化的散热膏移除。

  3. 这个是刮除固化散热膏后铜块上仍有残留的状态。
    • 这个是刮除固化散热膏后铜块上仍有残留的状态。

  4. 用一张咖啡滤纸或无纺布沾取一滴ArctiClean1号散热材料移除剂,来将残留在与散热片接触表面上的散热膏清理干净。 当该表面干净后,再次使用一张咖啡滤纸或无纺布沾取一滴ArctiClean2号散热器表面净化剂,来擦除表面的油质。
    • 用一张咖啡滤纸或无纺布沾取一滴ArctiClean1号散热材料移除剂,来将残留在与散热片接触表面上的散热膏清理干净。

    • 当该表面干净后,再次使用一张咖啡滤纸或无纺布沾取一滴ArctiClean2号散热器表面净化剂,来擦除表面的油质。

    • 请勿直接接触芯片或散热片,或者让任何灰尘或碎屑落在表面。 即使指纹也可能阻碍芯片的热传递。

    • 让散热器完全晾干。

    Alcohol is fine, I use it and it not only does a better job but is far less toxic. That stuff causes all kinds of cellular damage to you.

    South30 - 답글

    You dont put the instruction on whether we have to put the new thermal paste back again or not? Do we have to, right?? thanks

    Eddy Setiawan - 답글

    If you use ~91% isopropyl alcohol to clean, it will evaporate rapidly and leave no residue (assuming you wiped away anything that wasn't the alcohol or water in the 91% solution you just used). Your prep is done, there.

    Linus Porter - 답글

  5. 使用撬棒的平直端移除处理器表面固化的散热膏。
    • 使用撬棒的平直端移除处理器表面固化的散热膏。

    • 在此过程中,不要使用任何金属工具。要小心不要损坏处理器表面的任何零件,或者让散热膏散落在其他零部件上(导电膏可能会引发故障)。

    you can also use a junk credit card or similar, or a plastic spoon

    Gaspard Leon - 답글

    Obsolete business cards are good too.

    Robert Calhoun - 답글

    How to remove thermal paste remover solution that has got trapped under the cpu chip?

    I have some liquid thermal paste remover that has got trapped under the cpu chip that I want to make sure it is completely removed.

    Osama Maddani - 답글

  6. 同样的,使用咖啡滤纸或无纺布沾取一滴ArctiClean1号散热膏擦除剂,将处理器表面残留的散热膏擦除。 使用一张新的咖啡滤纸或无纺布,沾取一滴ArctiClean2号散热器表面净化剂,来擦去表面上任何油质。
    • 同样的,使用咖啡滤纸或无纺布沾取一滴ArctiClean1号散热膏擦除剂,将处理器表面残留的散热膏擦除。

    • 使用一张新的咖啡滤纸或无纺布,沾取一滴ArctiClean2号散热器表面净化剂,来擦去表面上任何油质。

    • 将处理器完全晾干。

    Be aware that this picture may not represent how your processor looks. Most of the PS3 fats have a heat spreader over the die. The pictures above show the processors without the heat spreaders.

    Jason Pirok - 답글

    @Jason Pirok yes I realised! Do we remove the heat spreader of the die tho?

    Jay - 답글

  7. 根据您的处理器型号来选择涂抹散热硅脂的方法——水平涂抹,竖直涂抹,中点涂抹或散开涂抹。
    • 根据您的处理器型号来选择涂抹散热硅脂的方法——水平涂抹,竖直涂抹,中点涂抹或散开涂抹。

    • 如果您使用散开涂抹的方式:

    • 用一块塑料(如塑料袋或一次性手套)包裹食指的尖端。

    • 在处理器中心上点少量的散热膏。

    • 使用手指轻轻涂抹整个处理器核心上的散热膏。

    • 如果您不小心在处理器的绿色表面上涂了少量散热膏,不要担心,它不会造成任何伤害。

    • 处理器现在处理好,可以安装散热片了。

    • 您不需要在散热片上涂抹任何热敏膏,尽管Arctic Silver的说明是要给散热器“刷散热膏”,以缩短散热膏贴附的时间。

    Some people apply a little dab in the center, and then install the heat sink. It spreads it evenly unlike a finger, and is much cleaner. I use this method on cpus with a heat spreader, and ones with the bare die. You can also apply a dab, and use a razor blade to spread it evenly too. The finger method tends to leave air bubbles, and doesn't spread evenly. I use Arctic Silver 5, but sometimes have to spread it with a blade as it is so thick. I hear that Arctic Cooling MX-3 is suppose to be better. I hate that AS5 can be electrically conductive. It makes me nervous that i will short something out. I hate AS5 200 hour curing time. MX-3 is claimed to not need any curing time, and not electrically conductive, So if you apply the amount that Apple did with the 2006 MacBooks, you will still have a working computer. If apple applied AS5, like they applied thermal paste in 2006, I bet the laptop would be DOA.

    Just my little thoughts on thermal compound.

    Nicholas Ouimet - 답글

    the dab in the center is know as a pea. See http://www.arcticsilver.com/intel_applic... for recommendations on applying the paste to Intel chips, either a pea or a line depending on CPU.

    nirv -

    Swapping out the heatsink on my 15" MBP seemed to go fine. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. My computer had been shutting down immediately and was unusable. I did some research and it sounded like the heatsink was the problem. After reassembling the computer, when I started it up, there was a little puff of smoke from the back left of the keyboard... and... no screen backlight came on.

    The repair solved the problem of my computer constantly shutting down, but now I can only see my screen if I shine a bright light on it.

    Does anyone know what could have happened? If the thermal compound was touching some little wire or something, could it have caused a short?

    jonahwy - 답글

    jonahwy로 부터 인용:

    Swapping out the heatsink on my 15" MBP seemed to go fine. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. My computer had been shutting down immediately and was unusable. I did some research and it sounded like the heatsink was the problem. After reassembling the computer, when I started it up, there was a little puff of smoke from the back left of the keyboard... and... no screen backlight came on.

    The repair solved the problem of my computer constantly shutting down, but now I can only see my screen if I shine a bright light on it.

    Does anyone know what could have happened? If the thermal compound was touching some little wire or something, could it have caused a short?

    Did you use Arctic Silver? It's possible something shorted, but I'm leaning more toward a lose display cable. Try re-seating the cable.

    Nicholas Ouimet - 답글

    If it's a laptop, it IS a smear spread, not a pea or line. The link http://www.arcticsilver.com/pdf/appmeth/... says so.

    Probably because the laptop pipe mounting pressure is not very high and won't spread it as much.

    Example, the 15" A1226 Macbook Pro has only 5 screws and 3 chips it touches, and they aren't very close to the cores.

    beachfitrob - 답글

    I've replaced the paste on many chips over the years. In my experience, the wiping method tends to leave air pockets unless you're extremely careful and spread the compound very smoothly. It's a lot easier, and more effective imho, to use the pea or line method on ANY chip. The pressure of a laptop heat sync is quite sufficient to spread the compound evenly.

    I do recommend using only compounds which are 100% non-conductive. I also recommend buying a compound with the longest lifespan, unless you are sure you want to go through this procedure every couple of years.

    MoldyOldyComputerGuy -

    I happen to agree with moldyoldy - use a non-conductive grease. The likelihood of the "heat sink" ( its actually a heat pipe) failing is pretty darn low. The crap heatsink compound is more likely the problem. Recently I dropped my early 2013 MBP retina. Long story. Anyway - for the next few days- machine acted odd - reported USB devices pulling too much current- then it started crashing, and finally started locking up- wouldn't boot until it cooled.I was concerned about having damaged the heat pipe, so pulled it off. The compound was dry and crumbly. Odds are the drop cracked this dry gunk and affected the heat transfer. So I cleaned off the old gunk ( denatured ethanol ) and reassembled using old school white heatsink grease. Grease. As in oily as !&&*, like it has been for the 45 years I've used the stuff. Currently, machine idles at about 110F, and never gets above 215F with all eight hyper threads at full bore. The idle temp is 20F lower than it was new. And will never dry out.

    baumann - 답글

    With all due respect, I am very skeptical about spreading the thermal paste with your finger, there are a lot of tutorial videos out there on Youtube that provide proof about all the bubble you are going to leave behind that will mess up your heat exchange efficiency

    AlFX - 답글

    This aspect is a bit over-rated as to detail. The amount of thermal paste the Apple factories applies to the processor surfaces is huge, spilling onto the green surfaces of the processors. This can be seen once one removes the heat sink component that sits on the processors. Gobs and gobs of thermal paste abounds everywhere.

    dcelander - 답글

    I have a MBP retina 15” early 2013 which has got a black sticker covering the chip and revealing only the core, this sticker has got thermal paste stuck under it when i was using the solution on it , and the sticker has got damaged when I cleaned what was under it, my concern that is is it safe to reinstall the heatsink without this sticker, or will the heatsink make contact with the diodes in the chip and short something out ?

    Osama Maddani - 답글



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Miroslav Djuric

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For heat sinks with a spring on the screws: Wonder why there are springs on the heat sink screws? Do not over tighten them, the springs are there to help you apply the correct amount of pressure on to the CPU and GPU. If you tighten them all the way, it may not be the correct pressure! Leave maybe 1 mm of space, just before the screw stops turning. iFixit forgot to mention this important part, and also in the heat paste guide!!

m3kw - 답글

This is completely untrue. The holes bored in the heat sinks are in fact a larger diameter than both the threads and the shoulder of the heat sink screws. The screws should be fully tightened (as they were from the factory) to maintain correct pressure against the processors.

Andrew Bookholt -

I have two green lights on my xbox slim ... Should I do all of this to get rid of them? I'm not sure if they are supposed to be green. I bought my wii and remotes from a refurbishing place. I don't have the red ring of death, but I think it is from over heating.

OMG Hi -

Thank you so much for this! Have been struggling for months with CPU diode sensor reporting 262F/128C and CPU dropping to 0.8 Ghz due to Speedstep. Loosened the screws a little and the sensor is back to normal. I cannot thank you enough for this!

keet grey -

It didn't help my crashing MBP, NVidia bug.

gustmoge - 답글

Try reheating / reballing the gpu soldering. It worked for me more than 3 times.

mark -

Actually, Tom's Hardware's guide said not to spread the paste out, but to have a solid line of paste vertically across the longest part of the metal cap and let the heat sink spread it out as it gets tightened. This method supposedly reduces the risk of air bubbles. My only curiousity is with processors that have little resistors or some such things placed around the metal heat cap, should those be pasted as well or not? Dell's processor came completely covered with paste, onto the chips as well, but I'm wondering if I should re-apply to the chips or just to the cap.

Frank - 답글

Note: This old thread still deserves a reminder: Those are capacitors and the type of paste used is CRITICAL. If it is non conductive (white, pink or any non metallic color) it's Ok if it gets on the capacitors. If the recommended paste is Arctic SILVER or any metal filled paste, do NOT let it get on the capacitors. Your best bet is to apply a slim line of paste along the longest length of the chip and use a credit card as a squeegee to spread the paste into a smooth film. Then apply a small drop to the center (optional). Wetting the surface helps.

airyu -


engineer taha - 답글

I use Noctua NT-H1 Premium Grade Thermal Compound on everything...It's non-conductive and does not harden.

LS Computer Systems - 답글


According to this list different Intel chips should commit to different applications of thermal paste. Hope this helps.

nirv - 답글

Readers to this post may also want to consider this thermal paste. Very highly rated. It's non conductive so even if it spreads a little more than it should it won't fry your equipment http://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/products/cool...

nirv - 답글

Is it okay if I clean the remain thermal paste on processor chip with wet tissue that use for baby,

or alcohol swab?

Muhammad Inayah - 답글

Hello to everyone .

They gave me that link due to a recent upgrade i doing to my iMAC late 2013 with Nvidia Gpu 4gb.

I changing processor for a better one. The post is very good as all ifixit posts. For thermal paste i dont think Apple used right one because i have this machine for 2 months maybe 2500 hours at plug and when i opened it the past was already as 20 years old. Also around Nvidia chip there are big sighs of serious overheating means that cooler not doing its job and think most the paste.

For paste can make contacts there is a simple trick to test it before apply.

With Ohm meter spread some amount somewhere and measure the resistance.

The springs at the GPU chipset must screwed tight as it is from factory becareful to not twist them when righting the screws.

The job is not for normal people It needs some skills.Can easily something go wrong.

Also take care big attention to the connectors everywhere...

Thank you very much i hope i gave a little help as i took me too ..

Hell7 - 답글

You deserve a hundred billion trillion stars. You figured out how to fix the red ring of death at home.

Frank Pavia - 답글

re heating does not work rebaling wont work neather some components will because of the heat but be asured that it is a temp fix.

get another unit or try to replace the chip and drive. most likley they are "married"and cant be used because of the key.

google geek wish or licht in the box for broken ribbon calbe laso for sale on ebay. but wish or licht in the box are cheaper.

oleeverink - 답글

That's exactly what I was searching for.

Ivette Carlier - 답글

It’s very easy task applying Thermal paste on your CPU. I am also one who was facing such questions earlier but Google helped me into this as found few guides and videos. I found this guide which is quite useful.

stacy johnna - 답글

This guide and video really helped me a lot in applying thermal paste. I hope to get my computer fixed.

Tony kakkar - 답글

good idea


Really Good Conversation This article is about the use and knowledge of How to Apply Thermal Paste,

What would be the most optimal amount of paste and spread method for a processor without an integrated heatsink? For instance, a laptop processor with just the die coming into contact with the base of the heatsink?

TryoTech - 답글

How long should the thermal paste sit before turning my machine?

Edward Fritz - 답글

Amazing article great work go ahead yet hold up hold up pause... I have another article like this observe here

Thermal paste is used as a heat transferring agent that you can fill in the microscopic gaps that are present between two flat metal surfaces.

More Tips & Easy Way to Apply Thermal paste I Share . See Link Below In | Profile

Johns Hopkins - 답글

can someone please update this for modern knowledge? you really dont want to spread with your finger anymore, and scraping off the thermal paste has fallen out of fashion due to possibility of damage, just alcohol and a lint free cloth now.

Joe Pirkl - 답글

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