1. Firstly Disconnect  battery
    • Firstly Disconnect battery

      • Always take the negative terminal off first.

      • '''General Tip After disconnecting the battery leave the car for about 10 mins , This lets any residual energy left in the electrical system to dissapate. It is good practise whatever the job

  2. Unlatch the 2 clasps.
    • Unlatch the 2 clasps.

    • Loosen screw on metal band.

    • Disconnect electronic sensor.

    • Press on the 2 latches, pulling the cable away from sensor.

    • Disconnect hose from MAFS.

    • Remove MAFS.

    • Steps 4-6 are for cleaning only.

    • Spray MAFS cleaner along direction of travel, shown by arrow.

    • Clean electronic coupling with electronics cleaner.

    • Inject conducting lubricant into MAFS electronic coupling.

    • Re attach MAFS to air filter housing and intake hose.

    • Tighten screw on metal band.

    • Latch clasps on either side of MAFS.

    • Re attach electronic cable to MAFS.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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