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Mithilfe dieser Anleitung sowie einem entsprechenden Kit kannst du die oleophobe Beschichtung deines Gerätes erneuern oder eine oleophobe Beschichtung auf dein Display oder deinen Displayschutz auftragen. Diese Kits können auch dazu benutzt werden, andere Glasoberflächen zu beschichten, wie beispielsweise Brillen, Uhren, Smartwatches und vieles mehr.

Die Beschichtung braucht 8-12 Stunden zum Abbinden, am Besten macht man das abends vor dem Schlafengehen.

Was ist eine oleophobe (fettabweisende) Beschichtung?

Moderne Smartphones verfügen über eine oleophobe (fettabweisende) Beschichtung, die den Bildschirm schützt, die Glätte erhöht und Fingerabdrücke verringert. Diese Beschichtung besteht aus einer dünnen Schicht Fluoropolymer-basierenden Stoffe (ähnlich wie Teflon), die mit dem Glas verbunden wird.

Oleophobe Beschichtungen können sich mit der Zeit abnutzen und du wirst feststellen, dass nach einer Weile einige Bereich auf dem Bildschirm dazu neigen schmierig zu werden oder mehr Fingerabdrücke aufzuweisen.

  1. Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Reinigen der Oberfläche: step 1, image 1 of 2 Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Reinigen der Oberfläche: step 1, image 2 of 2
    • Reinige die Oberfläche, die du beschichten willst, gründlich mit Isopropylalkohol.

    • Trockne das Display mit einem sauberen Mikrofasertuch ab.

  2. Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Vorbereiten eines Wischfingers: step 2, image 1 of 3 Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Vorbereiten eines Wischfingers: step 2, image 2 of 3 Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Vorbereiten eines Wischfingers: step 2, image 3 of 3
    • Lies die nächsten drei Schritte genau durch, bevor du weitermachst. Das Lösungsmittel in der oleophoben Beschichtung verdunstet sehr schnell nach dem Auftragen, du wirst daher sehr schnell arbeiten müssen.

    • Umwickle einen Finger mit einer Plastiktüte oder Plastikfolie.

    • Du wirst das Beschichtungsmittel mit diesem umwickelten Finger auf das Display auftragen. Das verhindert, dass die Flüssigkeit von der Haut aufgenommen wird.

    wonder if rubber or latex finger protectors will work

    SZCthebandit ‖ - 답글

    What happens if your finger absorbs it?

    Ciabbale - 답글

  3. Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Autragen der Beschichtung: step 3, image 1 of 3 Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Autragen der Beschichtung: step 3, image 2 of 3 Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Autragen der Beschichtung: step 3, image 3 of 3
    • Träufle 10-15 Tropfen der oleophoben Beschichtungsflüssigkeit auf die Oberfläche.

    • Wenn du eine große Oberfläche beschichtest, wie ein größeres Handy oder ein Tablet, träufle 10 Tropfen auf einen Teil des Bildschirms und arbeite dich schrittweise vor.

    Where can I purchase this coating?

    franjoe1516 - 답글

    You can buy this coating from aliexpress for $1

    Xiaomi - 답글

    What is the name of the liquid

    Kail - 답글

  4. Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Verteilen der Beschichtung: step 4, image 1 of 3 Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Verteilen der Beschichtung: step 4, image 2 of 3 Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Verteilen der Beschichtung: step 4, image 3 of 3
    • Wische mit dem plastikumwickelten Finger mit schnellen leichten Bewegungen über die Oberfläche, bis die Flüssigkeit verflogen ist.

    • Du musst nicht fest wischen, die Beschichtungsmoleküle sollen nur auf der Oberfläche verteilt werden, bevor die Flüssigkeit verfliegt.

    • Wenn du die Flüssigkeit nur auf einen Teil des Bildschirms aufgetragen hast, dann wiederholde diesen Vorgang nach und nach auf der restlichen Oberfläche.

  5. Auftragen einer oleophoben Beschichtung, Beschichtung trocknen lassen: step 5, image 1 of 1
    • Die Oberfläche darf 8-12 Stunden lang nicht berührt werden, damit die Beschichtung gut mit der Oberfläche abbindet.

    • Für die besten Ergebnisse, trage die Beschichtung am Besten abends auf, dann kann sie die Nacht über abbinden.

    • Danach kannst du die überschüssige Beschichtung mit einem sauberen Mikrofasertuch entfernen.

    • Wiederhole diesen Vorgang 2-3 Mal, um eine möglichst hohe Leistung und Langlebigkeit der oleophoben Beschichtung zu gewährleisten.


Bei korrekter Ausführung verfügt dein Gerät jetzt über eine perfekte oleophobe Beschichtung.

Es werden immer noch ein paar Fingerabdrücke auf deinem Gerät zu sehen sein, aber das Fett deiner Finger wird stark reduziert und leichter abzuwischen sein.

Erneuere die Beschichtung alle 1-2 Monate oder nach Bedarf .

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Very interesting guide. Awesome.

Do I have to remove the coating that is on the device when it's new?

Especially when the coating has some very small scratches?

And if yes, how to remove it?


Peter Gordon - 답글

I recommend avoiding this for the iPhone 6. The curved screen simply directs the liquid into the casing.

Alex Pappajohn - 답글

Tried this with my iPhone 6. Seems to work pretty well. I'll do a few more quotes. I noticed this actually had a beneficial effect on screen scratches. Filled them in pretty well, blends with the screen more.

Talk about a happy accident!

ckeyser - 답글

one comment says not to use it with iPhone 6 and another one says it worked ok, so what do I do? is it any dangerous? because I bought it before your last comments but I still havent used it since I'm worried about what can happen

Salvador Martinez -

The part of the instructions that are a problem is testing with drops of water - The case of the phone might catch these drops and allow them inside the phone. Just don’t test it with drops of water and you’ll be fine.

Robert Backhaus -

I always have problems with my screen, sometimes I can't see anything on my LCD.

Praska - 답글

Will Rainx do the same thing?

Seminole iFix - 답글

RainX is hydrophbic, and not very durable anyway.

chrisM -

Great tutorial. Would this product also help make glass touchpads work better with sweaty, clamp fingers?

Jbove - 답글

A very helpful guide thanks a lot.

Ivette Carlier - 답글

So easy great thanks

Seibors - 답글

Nice works well

Filbotres - 답글

Where can I buy an anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating kit? I’ve looked online but only found screen protectors, not the liquid.

Alexis Bruslé - 답글

You can by the kit here:


I updated the article also.

Sari Shimazu-Shelton -

Will this work on eyeglasses?

keith - 답글

Don't. It will just ruin it

Seth Loh -

Will this work on a glass phone? I just got the new moto e5 plus in mineral blue…. and the whole phone is like one big blue mirror.. fingerprints on all sides… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. but it’s gorgeous, and I knew that going in…

Dennis - 답글

SOLVED.. … And didn’t have to buy a thing…

I used my bottle of “Meguiar’s PLASTX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish”

Applied it with a cotton tshirt rag.. rubbing it in thoroughly… let it sit for 2 minutes.. then buffed the entire phone with another cotton tshirt rag…

Now fingerprints don’t show up on the screen, or anywhere on the glass body of the phone…… Amazing…… and CHEAP !!!

Dennis - 답글

I can't seem to find any anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating kit online. How long does the screen stay oleophobic and how often do you need to redo the process?

Krakatau -

I’ve updated the article with a source where you can buy an oleophobic coating kit:


By the way, the coating lasts for about 30 days.

One bottle has is enough for up to applications (depends on screen size)

Sari Shimazu-Shelton -

could this be used on the back of the ceramic xiaomi mi mix? thing is impossible to handle without getting fingerprints on it when you have the case off.

Jakob b - 답글

How do you say 1-2 min than 2-3 days 6-8 hrs each day curing time

David Griffin - 답글

It is 1-2 mins of work. Then you can leave it while you sleep.

It is usually OK after 2 hours, but it is best to leave overnight.

Layering the next day does improve performance, but it’s apparently optional.

Sari Shimazu-Shelton -

folks , those that are worried for their curved screens, just put some tape to cover the point where the glass joins the body and use the fluid as you wish, just don’t remove the tape while the fluid is not cured.

B. D. - 답글

tissue made of wood is abrasive. crappy directions. use a lint free cloth which unlike tissue is not made of wood.

James Micallef - 답글

If your tissues can scratch glass, I dread to think of the state of your skin.

Sari Shimazu-Shelton -

Am I the only one to think it’s funny to test an oleophobic coating with water? ;P

H. Mijail Antón Quiles - 답글

Good point! You could test with oil as well, but it is just a bit more messy to clean up afterwards…

Sari Shimazu-Shelton -

All Iphone screens are flat. Not sure what Alex Papajohn means. But it should work well (the same) on all Iphones

Gael Duvivier - 답글

You’re actually applying an oleophilic (hydrophobic) coating, very similar to the chemical composition on RainX for car windshields, which will also work in pinch for your electronics.

The oleophilic (oil-loving) coating allows any greases or finger oils to smooth to a very thin layer at low contact angle to reduce blurring, and does the opposite for water with high contact angle beading.

Roger Clark - 답글

There is another seller? He doesn’t send to my country

Haim Avivi - 답글


Nel tentativo di rimuovere con polish un piccolo graffio sullo schermo del mio smartphone, devo aver rimosso il trattamento oleofobico in quella zona ed ora mi è rimasto un piccolo alone (come quando si cerca di rimuovere un graffio sulla macchina per intenderci).

Lo schermo era freddo e spento quando ho fatto questa cosa

Vorrei sapere se con questa procedura posso riuscire a ripristinare l'aspetto uniforme o non ottengo nessun risultato o, ancora peggio, faccio danni.

Premetto che il telefono ha 1 mese di vita.

Simone Gallone - 답글

Hi Simone!

This product should be able to repair the problem, but the results may not last very long.

Ciao Simone!

Questo prodotto dovrebbe essere in grado di riparare il problema, ma i risultati potrebbero non durare molto a lungo.

Arthur Shi -

Hi Arthur, thank you very much for your answer.

If I will apply a protective glass layer on the display do you think I could solve for more time? Maybe orever?

Thank you in Advance,Simone.

Simone Gallone - 답글

I mean, using this kit and then applying the glass protective layer

Simone Gallone - 답글

Hi Simone,

This kit will not remove the scratch. If you are applying a glass protective layer, do not use this kit as it will not help. The product has no positive effect to the glass protective layer.

Arthur Shi -

Thank you very much for

Simone Gallone - 답글

Questo trattamento si puo applicare anche alla cornice di metallo dell’iphone 12 pro in modo da eliminare le impronte digitali o e sconsigliato usarlo su un prodotto diverso dal vetro?

in altenativa che prodotto si puo usare che faccia al caso mio?


Enzo - 답글

qualcuno può darmi indicazioni sul mio quesito? grazie

Enzo -

Hey guys, will the oleophobic coating clog the earpiece speaker at all? When I applied it I accidentally poured a bit directly into the earpiece… waiting for it to cure right now so can't really test it yet. Phone is iphone 13 pro so it's water resistant.

Jianyi Sun - 답글

I’m not sure! Let us know what your results are.

Arthur Shi -

Where can you find the oleophobic coating in liquid ?form like you show on images? I am assuming that as a liquid being put on especially in multiple layers/applications would allow for more uniform and thicker protection? Rather than the suggested link which has an applicator which would in theory both apply and remove the liquid at same time thereby not allowing it to lay as thick ??

Brian Miglionico - 답글

Also regarding this ☝?, can you use a *Liquid Glass* screen protection like the kind from “Prooftech” and then use an oleophobic coating over it?

I am assuming the liquid glass will fill in any minute imperfections and increase scratch protection, then the oleophobic coating will add to smoothness and oil/finger print prevention/protections…?

Found these ???? As always mixed reviews but I guess all products do. Got to research and as always “buyer beware.”

Luvvitt Liquid Glass Screen Protector for All Phones Tablets Watches Apple Samsung LG iPhone iPad Galaxy S20 S10 S9 Note 10 11 Plus Ultra Pro Max Nano Hi-Tech Protection https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XCYVBSC/ref...

OLEOPEL Oleophobic Coating Kit for 3 Applications | Anti Fingerprint Wipe On Liquid for All Smartphones Tablets Smart Watches Glasses Camera Lenses and Touch Screens - Bottle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0918TXQ4N/ref...

Brian Miglionico -

Hi Brian,

I haven’t used the products you linked before; it seems like you should be able to apply the oleophobic coating on top of the liquid glass.

Arthur Shi -

Does this kit work for a laptop screen?

Λέανδρος Παπαδάκης - 답글

Thank,but where can I get that product?

Mboje Daniel - 답글

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