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The air intake of the engine increases over time and drastically reduces the suction power.

Currently without photos, will be inserted on occasion.


No parts specified.

    • Disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the mains! The repair works on open contacts - risk of electric shock!

    • Pull out cable until stop

    • Remove hoses, bags, filters on the bag, filter on the rear

    • Clean filter, if necessary wash out and lay to dry

    • Dust bag flap can be disengaged: Caution that the noses do not break off! The left notch (seen from hose to the rear) is bevelled so that it slips better when re-engaged.

    • Loosen and remove four TORX-15 screws (2 on the dust bag, 2 on the back under the outlet filter) (leave the two TORX-15s in the handle)

    • Now it gets fiddly: the red shell should be removed as vertically as possible. But behind it hangs quite firmly in the impact protection plastic edge. The engine with a black holder and the attached cable guide should stay in there at the bottom!

    • The black plastic edge holds just behind the bag filter wall the black holder + attached cable management.

    • Therefore, the two TORX-15 on the handle out and carefully loosen handle top shell - be careful, soft plastic shock protection edge!

    • Remove the black holder + the attached cable guide vertically - Caution: The holder holds the motor and with a claw the electronics!

    • Attention: Cruise control works on heavily silicone-lubricated worm shaft, white slide can be compared. taken off the board. Carefully push the worm shaft out of the trimmer and lift it out from its side so that it does not fall into the dust.

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    • Now the motor can be taken out vertically together with electronics.

    • Caution: The engine has a thick rubber seal on the side of the bag, which is only laid on top.

    • Caution: The engine has a rubber mold block on the other side, which holds the engine in the middle of the plastic formwork. Be sure to remember the radial position of the motor so that the block can be replaced later.

    • Attention: Electronics is plugged with two shoes on cable drum pins. To reinstall, pay attention to how the red-brown level gauge (working with spring) and triac are seated on the air duct.

    • Attention: Do not damage the glow lamp!

    • Fleece underneath the engine: note the position, remove and wash with liquid soap and plenty of water, then squeeze vigorously and reinsert.

    • Black plastic formwork around the engine is engaged with two side tabs. Carefully fold up and separate, remembering cable routing and fleece layer!

    • Remove fleece and wash with liquid soap and plenty of water, then squeeze vigorously.

    • Remove dirt from the suction hole and the impeller, ditto in the motor housing.

    • Caution: Do not damage the cable and the electrical system! Coals check what the bent brass claw does not need to be bent back.

    • Instead, the immersion depth of the coals can be determined with a stable, thin wire, and the coal length can be estimated from this.

    • Assembly: Motor with fleece and motor shell provided, lead cable again through the slot.

    • Engage the rubber block on the engine plates and in the engine shell again for centering.

    • nsert motor with rubber ring, observe cable routing on the slider, as well as the position of the board (pressure sensor / TRIAC, glow lamp, vertical guide on motor side).

    • Insert worm shaft with long end into trimmer, then snap in other side. Grease the threaded edge with silicone. Trimmer on left stop. Push the white slide from the side.

    • Fit the handle top and fix the motor, screw tight. Insert impact protection edge on lower part.

    • Position cruise control and slide, position red upper cover vertically.

    • When doing so, position the rear edge inside the sauce protection rim

    • Tighten 4 * TORX-15 while checking slide for ease of movement. Complete remaining work.


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