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Hit the button and watch the dust bunnies fly. This will not completely clean the system. Stubborn dirt/dust will remain on the motherboard, heat sink etc. Preform this test every 1-2 months to ensure longevity of your device. Dirt and dust build up is one of the top killers of video game systems.

    • NOTE: The candle is only behind the PS3 for demonstration purposes. DO NOT put open flames next to your console. The video could only be 30 seconds so I already had my system unplugged when I started recording in order to get the video under the time restraint.

    • First, make sure your disk drive is empty.

    • If you have the original version of the PS3 you need to turn your PS3 from standby to off by flipping the switch on the back of the system. Hold down the eject button and then flip the switch back on.

    • If you have the PS3 Slim you need to unplug the power cable from the system. Hold down the eject button and then plug the cable back in.

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    • Your system will turn on and within a matter of seconds you will hear the fan inside the PS3 begin to spin at a much higher rate than normal. It should run for about 15-20 seconds. In this demonstration the fans run for 16.96 seconds.

    • When complete, the power (red) light will blink if you have the original or completely off if you have the Slim.

    • If you have the original system, hit the switch on the back of your system to off and back to standby. You're done!

    • If you have the Slim unplug your power cord and then plug it back in. You're done!

    • NOTE: If you do not power down/unplug the system after the fan stops spinning the system WON'T turn on. System MUST be reset. HAPPY GAMING!


Preform this test every 1-2 months to keep your PS3 clean of debris which will help ensure the longevity of your device.

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Doesn't work on superslim eject button just releases the tray not electrical

taipancorbett - 답글


Thanks for informing me. Honestly, I've seen this done with the original and personally preformed it on the slim and assumed that it worked with the super slim as well. Looks like I made an ass out of myself. I'll make the corrections to the guide.

Navy Vet 2015 -

How can we do that on the super slim model? Or what the other option to do this self cleaning?

Tarek Jundi - 답글

I'm afraid I don't know how to preform this test on the super slim. I would search youtube/web searches.

Navy Vet 2015 -

My ps3 will not self clean. I have the original system, and when I switch it back on, it just beeps, but the fan does not run

CJ Kramer - 답글

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