1. First, remove the battery to avoid electric shock
    • First, remove the battery to avoid electric shock

    • Slide and unlock the battery, then lift it

  2. Now, you should to remove the Wi-Fi card cover
    • Now, you should to remove the Wi-Fi card cover

    • Remove this screw

    • Lift the cover

    • The Wi-Fi card is locked, but you should to change that.

    • Remove this two little screws.

    • Pull the Wi-Fi card.

    • You should to be carefull with the next steps, the plugs are easy to separate, but they are fragile

    • Pull carefully both cables from the Wi-Fi card, it requires a little strength

    • Now it's time to put the new Wi-Fi card

    • Connect both plugs, the cable with white tag, at the left of the Wi-Fi card, the green one, at the right plug

    • The Wi-Fi card already has the power plugs, now it's time to the data plug

    • Insert the Wi-Fi card in a 45 degrees angle

    • Now press it and screw it

    • For finish, reassemble the cover

    • If the cover is still lifted, press softly until you hear a click


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If the button that turns blue when I start my computer stays orange does that mean I need to install a new wifi card?

veronica - 답글

Hi frnd just want to know ur hp laptop button was not working it stayed orange thn what did u do? U changed wifi card or button plz reply me i have same condition can u ans me on my mobile whatsapp plz +85254077440

saqib raheem -

Please provide information on the model of the wifi card

thaisabs - 답글

My card wifi on laptop G60-530US was not working. Can you suggest me some modle of new card wifi which can be suitable my laptop. Thanks so much

tech - 답글

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