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It is not easy to disassemble the HTC 10. The inner design of HTC 10 is complicated.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Be VERY careful around the corners of the screen when removing the display. The LCD can be damaged easily if the card (or any other adhesive removing tool) is pushed too far. As you can see in this video as he pushes the card near the bottom right corner of the display, he is also messing with the LCD.

Joona Repo - 답글


Can you tell me which is the total track lenght of the rear camera? It seems to be shorter than the front camera, isn’t it?

Thank you Ivan

Ivan Perino - 답글

at 5:14 part, what is the wire connected to? what if it breaks?

OTrizy - 답글

Hey can you tell me where is the emmc chip ? Regards

Dekaj Armand - 답글

Where is the antenna for wifi and bluetooth? After battary replacement my wifi and bluetooth stoped working.

Çağdaş Son - 답글

Where I find the NFC CHIP and the GPS Antenna?

Leon Menezes - 답글

Overall easy enough to follow but with speeded up sequences there's quite a bit of rewinding to properly view some steps. One point to note is that the video does not mention removal of the sim or sd card readers, this isn't easy from an existing mid frame bezel. May be easier to source replacements to fit into a new bezel,

Brendon Gould - 답글

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