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Dehumidifier repair & troubleshooting.

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Taylor Whitney

회원 가입일: 2015년 11월 06일

9,688 평판

안내서 26개 작성하였습니다

My dehumidifier turns on but the compressor doesn't kick on

Judy Cross - 답글

How do I fix that. It tries to start but won't.

Judy Cross - 답글

Please advise. Thank you

Judy Cross - 답글

Mine does the same thing...does ANYBODY have any ideas?

Scott D. Deutsch - 답글

This video only gives the basics of dehumidifier operation that you should have got in high-school physics, with very little troubleshooting advice (check the switch, clean out dust) and serves as a commercial advertisement for the repair clinic website.

Andrew Drummond - 답글

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