Shut the device off.
  • Shut the device off.

  • Lift the top cover of the scanner.

  • Carefully, pry the plastic frame surrounding the glass away from the printer hood using a plastic prying tool.

  • Pull the frame out.

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Unscrew the two screws that fasten the frame to the printer hood. Use a T10 screwdriver
  • Unscrew the two screws that fasten the frame to the printer hood. Use a T10 screwdriver

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  • Pushing the clip behind the cover piece in, pull the cover piece outwards.

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  • Remove the two screws on the front of the printer with a T10 screwdriver.

    • The first is inside the power button panel space and the second is across the printer slider.

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  • Pull the circuit board from the power button panel space.

  • Unplug the small ribbon cable from the circuit board.

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  • Pull the memory card reader's circuit board out of its slot.

  • Detach the rainbow connector from the back of the circuit board.

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  • Press the clip directly behind the TouchSmart panel and pull the panel up.

  • Disconnect the ribbon cable from the TouchSmart panel. This detaches the panel from the printer body.

  • Do not hesitate to use force to remove the TouchSmart panel.

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  • Grip the printer hood and pull upward.

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  • Ribbon Cables connect electronics to one another and flat in appearance and flexible.

  • There are many ribbon cables throughout the printer. After opening up the casing of the printer the ones that are easily accessible are the ones that need cleaning. They all require the basic process to clean.

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  • In order to remove a ribbon cable pull the cable out of its port with a moderate amount of force. Remember the orientation of the cable if you can.

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  • After the cable is removed use compressed air to clear dust out of the port, and a dry soft cloth to clean the end of the cable.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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