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La RAM est facilement accessible sur cet ordinateur et le travail de démontage nécessaire est réduit au minimum. Le modèle 2,13 GHz mi-2009 est le seul MacBook A1181 à utiliser une RAM PC2-6400.

  1. À l'aide d'une pièce de monnaie, faites tourner la vis de verrouillage de la batterie de 90 degrés dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre.
    • À l'aide d'une pièce de monnaie, faites tourner la vis de verrouillage de la batterie de 90 degrés dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre.

    I used this guide plus the Thermal Paste guide to resolve my MacBook RRS (Random Restart Syndrome) issue. My MacBook would randomly restart after the fan kicked into high speed. When I removed the heatsink I discovered an an irregular patch completely free of thermal compound of about 15-20% of the area on one of the processors. I removed and re-applied the thermal paste. I ran a memory test utility overnight that previously caused a restart after a couple of hours, and the probelm seems to be solved. TIme will tell.

    ServiceDocs - 답글

    This guide was seriously helpful, so thanks for putting this together. I found a thick ribbon of dust/muck whatever between the fan outlet and the exhaust port that was almost as dense as felt. My fan must have been fighting like crazy trying to pass air through that blockage, which explains the high temps and excessive fan noise. Wish I'd done this sooner...

    Thanks again!

    skraggle - 답글

    Just R&R'ed the fan in my black MacBook Core 2 Duo tonight. Took me 30 minutes tops and I was taking my time. These instructions are SPOT ON! Great job ifixit.com! Two thumbs up!

    Follow the instructions exactly as you see and have a piece of paper taped to the table next to you that you can outline all the screws you took out so you know where they go back in. I expected this to be a LOT harder, but it was one of the simplest repairs I've ever done to ANY computer!

    mikeutter - 답글

    Piece of cake--or should I say gum. If you don't have a magnetized screwdriver, load up a stick of gum and chomp on it until it's needed then use a bit to retain screw on the driver. And if you should tear the black tape, or if the silver tape won't stick any more, just bubblegum it together. The instructions were clear and correct, which made for a very simple repair.

    Mike Woodruff - 답글

    My battery does not pop out when after step 1. Any idea why, and how do fix it?

    Calvin - 답글

    Calvin로 부터 인용:

    My battery does not pop out when after step 1. Any idea why, and how do fix it?

    Will not drop out even if you turn it upside down?

    skraggle - 답글

    Somehow, now my isight camera doesn't work and the light is always on. Cannot figure out what I did wrong.

    josefsalyer - 답글

    Somehow the plastic disc with the slot for a coin got dislodged from the case, and I can't seem to get it open now. Any tips/links on how to open this without the aid of the plastic disc?

    Peter Wood - 답글

    i broke my disc off as well. I used two toothpicks to rotate the thing. hi tech.

    howard bederman -

    Outstanding guide - thank you!

    owen bullock - 답글

    My computer will not charge when plugged in. It will stay on as ling as the plug is in the wall however if the power source gets disconnected it will shut down immediately. I removed the battery and put it back in that did not help. It worked and charged fine 2 days ago. I have a backpack with a laptop storage area. I went to hang the backpack up and it fell and ever since the battery is not functioning. Is there some fix I can try or is my only solution to replace it? I would have thought that dropping it would affect more than the battery?

    Beth Tomasek - 답글

    Better leave the back pack where it cannot fall. Hindsight is so much better than foresight . I learned the hard way too!

    Loy Lum - 답글

    Many of the tiny screws in this project were quite sticky. I found some blue Loctite residue that must have been when the Apple repair shop worked on the laptop years ago. I have found that it is important to hold the correct driver firmly down in the screw and then just tweak the driver in short bursts to loosen it before unscrewing it with a smooth turn.

    Patrick Langvardt - 답글

    Be really careful while doing this to not use too much force while doing this step, because the plastic disc can break off and it can be a cosmetic issue along with functionality issue. This happened to me first hand so please take my word for it…

    Aaron Cooke - 답글

    Probably worth mentioning at this stage that the caddy you propose to use should not have lugs on the front corners, like those used in unibody 1278 and onwards.

    harwood - 답글

    Hehe, still my mac os running! After, already bit more than 10 years of use!

    I put new heat paste now for the second time. Maybe this helped for staying young so long.

    Thanx for all the repair guides!!!

    Fabien - 답글

  2. Retirez la batterie de l'ordinateur en la soulevant.
    • Retirez la batterie de l'ordinateur en la soulevant.

    I just replaced the battery as indicated (with a iFixit part), but the computer says there is no battery connected, even after letting the power plug in for more than one hour.

    Jean Wallemacq - 답글

    I think I found the way to have the new battery to charge!!!!!

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRYIMDQx....

    Essentially, you have to follow a very precise order: 1/shut down the computer, 2/take off the magsafe connector, 3/remove the old battery, 4/put back the magsafe connector, 5/put the new battery, 6/power on, each time leaving a few seconds in between.

    Jean Wallemacq - 답글

  3. Dévissez les trois vis Phillips espacées régulièrement sur la paroi arrière du compartiment de la batterie.
    • Dévissez les trois vis Phillips espacées régulièrement sur la paroi arrière du compartiment de la batterie.

    • Les vis sont intégrées au capot métallique de la mémoire, vous ne pouvez donc pas les perdre.

    please pay attention that screws are native to metal pieces otherwise you are going to be a stupid like me trying to unscrew unsuccessfully until I reread the guide

    manochu - 답글

    Lay the screws out in a ”timeline” like a circle, Then when you reassemble just start from the end of the “timeline”

    decristoforo - 답글

    The screws have to unscrewing positions, first they unscrew from the whole body BUT if you move the lid without entirely removing the screws, they will remain attached to the lid. This I find much more recomendable!

    Wytchkraft - 답글

    I found when putting this back in that I had to use a spudger to work the mesh/foam into the slot where the memory cards are so the bracket would lay flat again when screwed back in.

    slwatts2 - 답글

    What size screwdriver

    edward greene - 답글

  4. Faites pivoter le capot de la mémoire en forme de L de manière à dégager l'ouverture du compartiment de la batterie, soulevez-le et sortez-le de l'ordinateur.
    • Faites pivoter le capot de la mémoire en forme de L de manière à dégager l'ouverture du compartiment de la batterie, soulevez-le et sortez-le de l'ordinateur.

  5. Tirez le clip métallique vers l'arrière et faites glisser la barrette de RAM hors de son compartiment.
    • Tirez le clip métallique vers l'arrière et faites glisser la barrette de RAM hors de son compartiment.

    • À la différence des modèles de la gamme iBook, le MacBook comporte deux emplacements de RAM.

    • Lorsque vous installez la RAM, veillez à bien enfoncer les barrettes afin que l'ordinateur puisse les enregistrer correctement.

    When installing RAM, be sure to push the chips in firmly or else the computer will not register them.

    bigoldbigtree - 답글

    I couldn't do it. I can't insert it back again. It doesn't make the click noise when I plug it back.

    Aren't there missing steps? The last step is removing the memory. For me is not obvious how to perform and I'm afraid of damaging the computer.

    Angel - 답글

    I cannot reach the metal levers in order to pull them out and expose the RAM slots.

    Clark humphrey - 답글

    Just installed the 2x2GB in my early 2008 MacBook. When I put him back on, he won't boot. With the oud RAM, there is no problem. If I make a mix (one slot the new 2GB, the other the old 1 GB) there is no problem: hè recognizes the 3 GB RAM installed.

    Jeffrey - 답글

    my macbook has 3gb ram which ram of the list shouldI buy? 1 or 2 or 4 gb ?

    Ippolito Giumenti - 답글


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another great tutorial ~ this was very easy, took maybe 10 minutes max, and now i have a noticeably faster computer. i agree with the previous comment that you need to push the new ram in rather firmly.

andreahull - 답글

Success! Fifth time was the charm! I tried to move up from the original 2x1Gb RAM configuration in my MacBook 6.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo to 6 Gb RAM (1x4 Gb + 1x2 Gb, all from iFixit). Followed instructions exactly after grounding myself several times etc, put the 4Gb module on the left and 2 Gb on the right but got the dreaded "three beep." Tried re-installing w/ the 4Gb module on the right--no joy. Tried re-installing old 1+1; no problem, so obviously I was seating the modules correctly. Fourth time: Just installed the new 2 GB and left on of the old 1 Gb--success! The 4 Gb module seemed to be the problem. Tried one more time--attempt number FIVE. Put the 4 Gb back in for the third time (in place of one of the old 1 Gb of course--SUCCESS. I heard a different click this time too. Anyway--I now have six times the RAM I originally had installed--Yea! Thanks, iFixit! Now, I'll work in my iMac!

dbrogren - 답글

Ok - I took your lead and started trying all the different combinations I could create and finally one just worked. So don't give up people - just use process of elimination and you will find the right combo! I did try one new, one old 3 different ways before it took.

Nellie -

I am trying to replace the original RAM (1GB on each side) with two new 2GB chips on each side (the PC2-5300). I keep getting the 3 beep response with both or just one new chip. When I put the old ones back in everything is fine. Any suggestions?

Nellie - 답글

someone told me that the macbook 2,1 could take 4 gb ram but only make use of 3 gb.... ?

can someone verify if this is true ?? and is it then posible to combine 1gb and 2gb of 2ddr pc5300 ?

Mads Larsen - 답글

Bought two CORSAIR 2GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) memory sticks, insert, power up and good to go! Went from 2 gig to 4 gigs on my wife's Macbook. Been stable for 2 weeks now.

After reading the comments here, it seems like many people are trying to pair up odd memory stick configurations (2 gigs + 1 gig, 4 gigs + 2 gigs, etc). From a PC/Windows perspective, this wont work and it seems to be a problem on Mac's, especially ones that use Intel hardware. Do yourself a favor, just buy two new sticks of the same configuration (1 gig, 2 gig, etc) from the same company (Corsair, Rosewill, Patriot, etc).

russcrandall - 답글

perfect - my son had dropped his mac which must have dislodged the ram. Fixed in 5 minutes, once I found a screwdriver fine enough to unscrew the metal band. Thank you very much

eanne94 - 답글

This is so easy, I don't know why I was squeamish about doing it before! The hardest part was trying to find my tiny screwdriver, lol... (Which, if you have a screwdriver for your glasses, it will work just fine!) I'm so glad it was so simple to breathe new life into my laptop!

petra1685 - 답글

This was super easy. My computer is noticeably faster now after replacing a 1GB card with a 2 GB. Make sure you push it in all the way though!

Dan - 답글

I love ifixit.com!...But I would like to help it be even better. By including the first 2 missing paragraphs.

"View Statistics" shows it: there are 10s of 1000s of people who ought to be using Ifixit, who aren't because of those 2 paragraphs: Take my own situation for an example,

1. I have a 2.26 GHz Late 2009 13" MacBook with 2 GB of 1067 MHz DDR3 memory running OS X 10.9.3 -- but it could be any Mac, (and actually I also have 2.16 Older MacBook I'm giving to my younger (computer phobic) brother that won't run Mavericks). But I was told my an Apple Genius that I can "upgrade" to 8 GB of memory, (even though Apple does not official say so).

"We" all would like to know for sure things like that about any and every computer -- if true; why not, from IFixIr, (e.g. again, can anybody upgrade the one I'm giving to my brother? One of the tricks is now to accomplish an upgrade, (not to mention how to avoid attempting something stupid. Two paragraphs ought to do it? Maybe 3 at most.

Charles Curmudgeon

Charles the Elder - 답글

Long live fixit! Impossible to get wrong, the only thing when they say push hard, take it easy, there is no definite 'click' sound, just push the rams in enough they don't stick out

lilou - 답글

My first "repair" went very well and fast with these pictures :)

Indeed, make sure to push firmly.

Looking forward to use more repair guides in the future.

legienw - 답글

I need clearifacation. Please help. I have a Macbook 2.1 with 1GB. I know I can upgrade the memory to 2 GB. Can I upgrade more with 1 1GB chip and 1 2GB chip?

Jackie - 답글

I need clearafication. I have a Macbook 2.1 with 1GB of Memory. I would like to upgrade and I know I can to 2GB. However, can I upgrade to 3GB with 1GB chip and 1 2GB chip?

Jackie - 답글

The process is similar to upgrading Macbook White. Take a look below.


karwazja - 답글

Hello, I am new to this computer technology as im sure alot of you are, I just bought a used macbook with the following specs, i dont know what year it is but it is a 2.1 Ghz Macbook 4,1 Intel Core 2 Duo,1 proessor, 2 cores,L2 Cache 3 Mb 1 gig ram,Bus 800 Mhz Boot Rom Version MB41.00C1.B00 Serial # W88181PF0P0, I recently read somewhere that Mac doesnt provide the accurate Ram size that these badboys can be upgraded too, and before i go and spend any more cash, I would like to know an honest answer, what is the max RAM that I can upgrade this Macbook too? Also, Can I install a blueray player into this laptop as well? Any comments will be highly appreciated, I thank you for your time.

Kenneth Watts - 답글

Hello.... What answer did you get regarding the Max RAM? What is the absolute Max GB that I can upgrade my macbook to?

Elimu Anderson -

I know from experience on all of my macs that apple's official ram limits and actual limits are two totally different things. What is the actual maximum ram capacity of this machine? is there a firmware block, or is just limited by the maximum GB of the total of 2 sticks at that bus speed. I know that you can now get single 4GB sticks, so in theory, one could put in 8GB, but that would all depend on a firmware block from Apple. On my late 2008 Macbook Pro, It was initially limited to 4GB, then a firmware update was released for a certain lot of serial numbers that supposedly increased the limit to 6GB, however, I've had 8GB from the start.

Steven Carrington - 답글

Bonjour, puis je mettre des barrettes 2x2go ddr2 800mhz à la place de mes 3go ddr2 667 MHz ?

florian.tostain - 답글

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