1. Vehicle Preparation
  • 1. Vehicle Preparation

  • Remove all loose items from the cargo area. Remove the cargo floor, spare wheel and tool tray.

  • Remove rear seats as in WIS instructions (Save seat mounting hardware)

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Remove bolt from rear deck sill plate
  • Remove bolt from rear deck sill plate

  • Unclip rear deck sill plate and remove.

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  • Remove plastic covers

  • Remove Felt liner

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  • Remove side consoles and center support (T30 10 Bolts)

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  • Install and bolt down center support bracket (2 Bolts M10 x 1.5 x35mm 6mm Allen cap, 10mm flat washers)

  • Pay attention to the pin to align properly

  • NOTE: To service TPMS control module remove drawers ad service through access door in bottom plate.

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  • 2. Installation of Front Box

  • Place box inside vehicle. It fits through the rear doors. This is a 2 person job.

  • Mount front legs on front consoles, tighten loosely (2 Bolts M10 x 1.5 x35mm 6mm Allen cap, 10mm flat washers). Pay attention not to break off the alignment pin, which will be inside the post after mounting.

  • DO NOT mount the box to the center bracket at this point

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  • 3. Installation of the rear plate

  • Install 6 rear support brackets and tighten finger tight

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  • Set plate on brackets and align, overlapping the base plate of the front box on the center support bracket.

  • Use punch tool to align holes and drop in 2 bolts M8 x 1.25 x 40mm in holes on each side and one bolt M8 x 1.25 x 30 in the center hole.

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  • Secure plate to center support bracket with 2 bolts on the outside and on in the middle, align and finger tighten

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  • Install 3 bolts securing base plate to vehicle frame

  • and 4th bolt securing the tool box rail to the base plate and vehicle frame.

  • Put bolt sizes in

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  • Install and loosely tighten 3 M8 black oxide bolts on each side until L bracket touches the underside of the base plate

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  • Fully tighten M8 (20 Nm)

  • Fully tighten M6 (8 Nm)

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  • Fully tighten M10 bolts (35 Nm)

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  • 4. Install box

  • Remove drawers and slide box on rail guides, align with bolt holes

  • Install 6 (M12) bolts and fully tighten to 66 Nm

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  • Install drawers.

  • After drawer is installed move rail clip to locked position

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  • Fasten seat belt with bolt to floor

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