This guide will show you how to replace a damaged screen on your LG G3.

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  1. Take your phone and place it screen down.
    • Take your phone and place it screen down.

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  2. Start by lifting the back panel using the gap located on the bottom-left side of the phone.
    • Start by lifting the back panel using the gap located on the bottom-left side of the phone.

    • Insert the plastic opening tool into the gap and move it along the edge of the phone until the rear case pops off.

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    • Remove the battery from the phone.

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    • Remove the 13 Phillips #00 screws found on the back of the phone.

    • The screw circled in red is shorter than the other 12 screws. For an easier time when reassembling the phone, store it separately from the other screws.

    Can anybody comment on the size of screws used for the chassis? I am interested in thread size and length.

    Tyler Bules - Reply

    Usualy i use PH001 scrrewdriver. with strong magnet on middle of tip.

    scrapped ham -

    Hello I think the ribbon which I think is the little small part has a small rip on it can this be fixed with tape or any of their way?

    Kai - Reply

    So, based on step 10, where it says you can stop here if you have a pre-assembled frame, I bought this LCD/screen/frame. But it turns out that like all LCD/Glass/Frames it doesn't include the rear facing camera, earpiece speaker or vibrator unit. So if you buy one of those online and stop at step 10, you will not have a rear facing camera, earpiece speaker or vibrator in your "fixed" phone, those are all attached to your old frame. Now I'm going to have to separate 2 LCD/screen from 2 frames and start from the beginning, hoping I didn't damage the speaker as I tried to remove it.

    If anyone has experience with this and I'm wrong please let me know.

    Andrew Dunton - Reply

    There is no need to remove the shorter screw, it does not go through the mother board

    sunruh - Reply

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Locate the same gap used in the earlier step

    • Remove the bottom panel by gently lifting using your fingers

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    • Remove the top panel by gently lifting with your finger

    • Do not pull up too forcefully, as there is a risk of the top panel breaking

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    • Take the plastic opening tool and gently wedge it under where the ribbon cable is connected

    • Gently lift up to disconnect the ribbon cable

    • Repeat until all four ribbon cables are disconnected

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    • Remove the motherboard by lifting gently

    • Take care not to damage the ribbon cables if the other components are functional. Damaging them may result in other components not working

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    • Remove the headphone port

    • The headphone port is kept in place with an adhesive, so it may take some time and effort to get it out

    Sorry, but you forgot:

    1. Removal of the BackCamera

    2. Removal of the Speaker

    Could you please add that and add what is needed to reattach them. THX :)

    DukeCrom - Reply

    • If you are going to be using a screen assembly with a pre-installed frame, you may stop here and follow the previous steps in reverse with your new screen assembly. Otherwise, you will now transfer the LCD bezel as well as the speaker grille.

    • Remove the metal tape to reveal the ribbon cables connected to the screen

    • The metal tape is stuck on there pretty well. Get the plastic opening tool under the right-hand side and corners and slowly work your way to getting it off

    • Be careful when removing the metal tape. We can reuse it after we replace the screen

    there is a step missing here about removing the ribbon cables. On my phone they were also adhered to the base so I had to peel it off very carefully

    Ashley Mills - Reply

    Make sure very well to remember the adhesive's position. The phone will not work if it's not in the correct position, and the tapes may look different than in the photos displayed.

    Somme fellows are complaining about the "white screen of death" after reassembly - I had it as well, but could resolve it with a new set of insulating tape (just plastic). So - please draw folks' attention to the importance of proper re-taping....

    anonymous 3312 - Reply

    additionally, there is a copper and metal mesh tape between the two ribbon cables that you will need to remove and transfer to the new one to keep the two cables together

    Taj Watkins - Reply

    • If you wish to preserve the LCD screen for whatever reason, it is recommended you use a heat gun around the sides in order to weaken the adhesive that keeps the screen in place

    • Take something thin, such as a knife, and wedge it between the screen and the body of the phone

    • One you have created some space, wedge your plastic opening tool into the space and remove the knife

    • Move your plastic opening tool up and down the side of the phone while lightly pulling up. Repeat this for all sides until the screen comes out

    • If you wish to preserve the LCD screen, be careful how deep you wedge the plastic opening tool in and how hard you pull up to get the screen out. Depending on the depth of the plastic opening tool and strength used, there is a high risk of damaging the LCD screen

    • Remove the old adhesive from the body and replace with new adhesive so the new screen will stay in place

    This is the least helpful step of the guide, with the worst pictures.

    Most of the adhesive is in fact on the top edge and bottom edge, and if you are careful you can reuse that too.

    When the screen is broken and you are replacing it, the suction cup doesn't work so well.

    I used 4 guitar picks and the spudger to get all the pieces out at one time. was a bit difficult. make sure you have a safe place for the glass if it's falling apart.

    When inserting the spudger to separate the screen from the frame, use it on the sides due to the lack of glue in those areas makes it a lot easier to start the separation.

    Be very careful as this area is also the most fragile of the frame.

    When using the guitar picks make sure you are actually under the screen assembly.

    I made the mistake of shoving it between the digitizer and the screen and it made it harder to take out until I corrected it.

    Taj Watkins - Reply

    As noted above, almost all of the glue is on the top on bottom. Start in the middle on one side and slide your plastic tool or knife around the top first and then the other side. Save the bottom for last, as you will have to pry off the ribbon cables from inside the case as you finish removing the screen. The ribbon cables are secured pretty well inside the case, so pry slowly and carefully.

    I found that a heat gun was extremely helpful in softening the glue on the top and bottom of the screen, as well as on the ribbon cables that are glued to the inside of the case. A hair dryer on high heat should help too if you don’t have a heat gun.

    Ryan R - Reply

    • Before reassembly, be sure to transfer the front speaker grille if it is not included with the new screen. If not, carefully push the grille out from the old screen, then reinsert it on the new LCD.

    Wanted to replace digitizer only to save arround $30, and I just broke the screen. Now I have to buy the whole screen assy. and have an extra digitizer :-P

    drumsmasher - Reply

    A lot of the time the digitizer and LCD are glued together using some kind of UV glue. You would be best to give it to someone who has the right equipment (and hence more initial cost) to do the job instead. But for most of the time, buying the two things put together is the least frustrating and cost effective option.

    Jason - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Ok so after I did all this my screen is black and so I ordered a second screen and also nothing the phone works great and makes noises also touch responds but nothing on lcd just black can you help me with this also if I take battery out and plug up charger it shows a battery warning on lcd so clearly it works

cabinlife27030 - Reply

Has it sustained any water damage?

Josiah Leas -

Did you get it working i have the same issue? the picture displays with the original screen but not with the new one. i have tried 3 different screens and get the same on all of them. i even tried updating to the latest software but only get a black screen, no picture.

When i have had this on iphones i just so a reset by holding down the buttons and the screen starts to work.

Please someone help

Matt -

Same here! I also findout that lcd still works, if you get some flashlight on screen in a dark room, you will see that only backlight not working when battery plugged. I tried to baking it but it still didn't worked. It's obvious that backlight could properly operate as it works when you take off the battery. I'm looking for solutions, if I find any, will wrote it here.

tufekcisencer -

Did someone find a solution to this? I also replaced my screen and it keeps black solid when I turn it on, even with the touch working properly.

fsnaderfb -

Hello. I was just wondering if there is any advice on where to buy a good replacement screen. I was going to buy one on Amazon, but the reviews were spotty. Are there a bunch of chinese knock offs for screens? What is a reputable source?

lightman - Reply

You can look on eBay for a used screen so you know it will work. Feel free to email me if you have any questions-

Josiah Leas -

I just ordered a screen on Amazon and some tools from here,installed it using this guide but have had no luck. It's just a solid black screen. Any advice or suggestions?

Matt M - Reply

so I succesfully replaced my shattered screen,but now the loudspeaker on the back of the phone no longer works. I've tried re building the phone again, and it still doesnt work. Any suggestions?

Lee Schlosser - Reply

I cracked my screen and can't unlock my phone because parts of my PIN don't register - if I replace my screen on my own, will all of the data on the phone be deleted? I checked with LG customer service and they said sending it in for official repairs deletes all the data.

aac - Reply

If you send it to them they will probably wipe all the data like they claimed but doing it yourself should have zero effect on your data.

Jerry Noftz -

They are more than likely sending you a refurbished phone back to you. That is why they claim your data will be wiped.

Justin Budd -

I have replaced the screen on an LG G3, the first one had a dead spot in the digitizing, it was replaced by the supplier without a problem and a new one was tested and working at teh store. Once installed in the frame, the only thing working is the backlight. Any input on the cause and a possible solution would be helpful

Neil Kromhout - Reply

My display doesn't work. I can't even input my password, If I fix the screen is it going to fix the display problem also?

Sarha - Reply

I successfully replaced my screen but every now and then it will register a random amount of touches on the right side of my screen

Nate - Reply

I successfully replaced my screen but now every now and then I will get a random amount of touches all up and down the right side of my screen

Nate - Reply

Has anyone resolved this problem? I did the same, and all I get is backlight?

james aakre - Reply

Hello I think the ribbon which I think is the little small part has a small rip on it can this be fixed with tape or any of their way?

Kai - Reply

Hi, I actually have a question, My LCD is replaced but there seemed to be an issue, my screen is blurry. Same as when the phone was broken, only difference is that the screen isnt broken anymore. Is it possible that IO caused this by having used metal on the ribbons? Is there a way of fixing it?

Thanks in advanced.

Samaria Alvarez - Reply

This is my first time I attempt to repair a screen. I'm scared of buying a screen that might exclude the LG logo at the bottom or that the screen ends up being a cheap knockoff. Most vendors (including the one featured in the "relevant parts" list) have the image of the screen part with the logo photoshopped out. I cannot figure out if it's to avoid legal issues with LG or if their screens actually don't have the logo on it.

Am I being too paranoid or should I be searching differently?

Abraham Carrasco - Reply

I have Installed the screen but since then my battery life is decreased drastic, and i know that it's the screen because the display now takes 55% from the buttery, and before it was around 30%!

Additionally, the touch does not work good when i put a glass screen protector on it. it's a something that have never experienced before. what can we do about it? Thanks a lot...

Hava Vaiserman - Reply

the cost of buying parts for this LG3 is so high that l would opt to buy a new phone.

edwishb - Reply

I just replaced mine yesterday and when I powered it on, nothing happened. But after 10 minutes, it turned on and you can see the lock screen but you cant do anything there because the touchscreen does not work.

Arif Ali - Reply

Hello! I have broken glass on LG leon h324, but touch work good. So i need replace only glass shield. Anybody know how to separate OCA glued screen from glass? Thanks a lot!

scrapped ham - Reply

I've just cracked my screen a little but need it replaced and I was quoted £85 to replace my screen! I thought it was a bit expensive and I explained to the guy the LCD seems to be working fine but he told me it needs to be replaced as well as you can't replace the screen without replacing the LCD. Is this true?

phonixconnection - Reply

@Lee Schlosser did you find reason for loud speaker not working? I am facing similar problem after replacing the screen the loud speaker is making wierd noise

Saif Idrees - Reply

Sometimes the backlight problem (backlight remains on) is related to other issues, like unconnected or mal-functioning proximity sensor.

dries - Reply

May i have a briefly moment of your time? To whom it may concern, My name is Mary . I have an LG phone that it is cracked. I do not have the money or insurance to obtain a replacment screen. In fact the phone is a hand me down. It was given to me. I had no phone at the time . I had give my phone to my 10 year old son to replace his phone that hadd it stolen. Thats another story in its entirety. Let me get straight to the point now. Would any kind giving soul feel it upon their hearts be able to donate a screen repair kit and screen? Blessed we will all be if ypu are able to do so. Thank you for your time,space,and the opportunity to self educate one and all on how to problem solve our technology that has become apart of family in this transgressioning world of electronics. For my mailing address please E mail me @ anytime. Thank you again and god bless your souls. #closedmouthsdontgetfed#

Mary Wood - Reply

How much does this cost?

Kassy Leija - Reply

Successfully changed the screen, thank you!

dark - Reply

I've changed the screen finally, but I hate this phone so much. The aftermarket screens are overpriced and low quality. Never want to fix any LG phone again...

voneout - Reply

Got my g3 a while back second hand. I think it's got the motherboard replaced .(different imei in rom and oj the phone back) Also, the gray isolating tape is missing, instead there's a piece of transparent plastic there. My question is: could the lack of proper tape caude distortions in the headphone jack? (Some interference maybe?)

Bagoly Bence - Reply

There are some details of the "screen replacement with frame" missing. In addition to transferring the haptic buzzer, front and rear cameras, earpiece speaker, headphone jack, bottom board and metal shielding tape there are some small additional parts.

There are three small rubber insert parts; two on the top and one on the bottom. The last part to transfer is the ir blaster lens which is quite difficult without damaging the lens. I know since after transferring it with some difficulty I now have a severely hampered ir blaster now. Knowing this I would now opt to replace the screen only and take the time to heat the adhesive and remove replace the screen. Really the frames should be sold with the it lens installed already since it is near impossible to transfer this tiny part.

Scott Kay - Reply

my screen is getting blue

how i can fix it

hishamathar - Reply

1: Its important when repairing any device that you buy quality parts from a reputable source. Hopefully most of you know now that saving $10-15 on a inferior part does not really save you money. It in fact, takes you longer to do and more frustration. BUY GOOD PARTS, PAY EXTRA FOR GOOD PARTS. THIS WILL SOLVE MOST PEOPLE'S PROBLEM. PERIOD.

2: When replacing the screen on LG G3 it's very important that the metal mesh, On the flex cable at the bottom of the screen... is placed EXACTLY as it was placed originally in the phone before the screen repair. VERY IMPORTANT(REFER TO STEP 10). If not the screen will go in and out. If you continue to have issues with the screen afterwards.. Try putting some CapTon Tape over it. That should resolve your issues.

PS: If that does not fix it.. its the screen or the device itself. I would suggest looking for any signs of water damage or small black marks on the Mainboard (implying a short) and take pictures to show your customer so they believe you.

Jacob Bryan - Reply

i have lg g3 16gb and my brother has lg g3 32 gb my phone does not work motherboard problem and my bro lg g3 32 gb screen broken can we replace the screen of 16gb to 32 gb does it works

saireddy1201 - Reply

Hello i Change The Screen nur now The Led was Working but The Screen is Dead Any Ideas ? Thx

Mikl - Reply

Better idea about the screws: DON’T REMOVE THE SCREW CIRCLED IN RED. It holds the camera lens cover and volume/power buttons on to the plastic frame. Just take off the frame with that part still attached.

Gordon Pettey - Reply

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