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  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Unfasten all screws and remove the plastic cover.
  3. You will see connectors next to the charging port. Disconnect them and you can blow some air to take the dirt off.
  4. Take some paper and fold it 4 to 6 times (small one).
  5. After folding it make sure it is the size of the connector that is next to the Camera.
  6. Place the folded paper on top of the connector.
  7. Slowly get back all the plastic covers.
  8. Put all screws back in and fasten them.
  9. Place the battery, SD Card and the Sim back.
  10. Power on the Phone.

99.9% It will work.


If you want to take it a step further, get some thermal paste and remove the whole circuit board and put some on the spot (as shown in the picture) do NOT put too much a dot will be enough...

after that, you can go ahead and place the circuit board back in place, then place the paper on the connector(follow the steps 6-10)

*Even thermal pad might do the job.


I hope this will fix the problem !

  1. LG G3 Screen flicker and fades, Place The Folden Paper Here!: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Place The Paper Here On this Connector!

    Unfortunately this didn't work for me. I did find another fix though...

    1. Remove battery cover and Unscrew The back plastic from the base of the phone to get to the motherboard.

    2. Disconnect all the connectors from the motherboard.

    3. Scan the motherboard for anything unusual. (My motherboard had corrosion on several different places).

    5. Clean any dirt or corrosion with lint-free cloth. (I didn't have one so I had to use a Q-tip).

    *if needed, Dip the cloth in rubbing alcohol to assist in cleaning. make sure that the cloth is JUST BARELY Damp and not dripping, otherwise you will risk water-damaging the phone. If you use rubbing alcohol, make sure that you dry the spot right after you wipe it.

    6. Once you have cleaned the motherboard, check the base of the phone and clean any dirt from here also.

    7. Replace the motherboard, re-connect the connections, screw on the back, and put the battery cover back on.

    Viola! Mine has been working like new for 4 days so far with no issues... :)

    FayFayB - 답글

    It worked the first time for about two months so I just tried it again with a thicker fold. Hopefully this will do it because I like my phone.

    Joe Clark - 답글

    @FayFayB is your solution still working?

    Thomas Ziman - 답글

    How is adding a piece of paper on the front camera connector going to solve an issue with the LCD connector? I thought the main issue is that the CPU packaging is overheating and causing solders above to come loose…

    Kevin Kwan - 답글

    the paper thing worked for me for over a year and now it doesn’t anymore. the thicker paper doesn’t help either. i don’t know what to do :/

    phoebe123 - 답글

    Worked for me, thanks

    stemec2000 - 답글

    It worked for me also!!!

    George Argirakis - 답글

  2. LG G3 Screen flicker and fades, Thermal Paste: step 2, image 1 of 1
    • A small dot will do the job better than overfilling !

    THANK YOU! I'm not mechanical at all but had nothing to lose since my phone rapidly became unusable once the flickering/blackouts started. Followed the instructions, used a couple of tiny rectangles cut off a silicone oven mitt instead of paper, and all went smoothly (except needing help getting the casing loose after screw removal; my advice is leave the bottom plate alone and work off the top plate by loosening bottom left and right sides of top plate first). Delighted to report my screen hasn't flickered even once since turning phone on and writing this long comment! Yea! Thank you!

    nadiachekiri - 답글

    Just did this on my mother’s phone and it works. I hope it lasts.

    Yonathan Zarkovian - 답글

    Solche Anleitungen sind das beste was es gibt. Kurz und bündig ohne dicker Werbung. Vielen Dank! Obwohl ich hervorragende Wärmeleitpaste auf Lager habe war der Schritt gar nicht Notwendig. Stück Papier hat schon gereicht.

    Kleine Erläuterung warum das Problem besteht und warum die Wärmeleitpaste zur allgemeinem Bildung wäre noch toll gewesen. Aber Ergebniss ist top

    Smil0r - 답글


It is not to Hard to perform this Fix.

Just don't touch anything else and be careful while taking the plastic cover off....

Everything is going to be fine.

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Shume mire !! A ke Informacion si po ndrohet " Displayglass", jo krejt Display, po vetem ajo Pjesa e pare.

Tfala Bekim Jakupi

Bekim Jakupi - 답글

I am not sure who this is going to but I wanted to know about the repair of the flickering and fading screen of the LG G3. Is that procedure a long term fix and what causes the symptoms. Also is the little piece of paper any type of fire hazard. The repair worked and it blows my mind. Thank you so much. I brought my phone to a repair shop and they were unable to fix it, Thank you again. If you wish to respond to me. My name is rich and my E-MAIL address is raidernation61@sbcglobal.net.

raidernation61 - 답글

do you have a gmail ? i want ask about this lg g3 problem . ty

wawan D -

I don't know why, but this works! Thank You!

dlinsc - 답글

Absolutely worked. Thanks for this. The flex cable just need to be push hard to the socket.

Ronald Tariga - 답글

It will work for some time as the issue is software one. It only works because you leave your phone for some time off and without battery. Try returning to stock kitkat and you won't have that problem....

Ивайло Минков - 답글

Worked marvelously! Life saver!

Abir Bhattacharyya - 답글

Worked for about 2 months but started doing it again two days ago. I may redo the procedure with paper proportionate to the connector. Any validity to reverting to kit Kat fixing this long term?

Joe Clark - 답글

You need not remove all the screws nor do you need to completely remove the cover. Remove only the top half of screws, pry off the top of the cover, slip the pad over the cable with tweezers and re-attach the cover with screws. I used a silicone rubber pad instead of paper. Don't know yet if it works (prevents fade to black) long term but so far ok.

Richard Silver - 답글

!&&* yea......its working...i think it was the mother board again that i have changed one time...but this time the connector was out,so i put it in and placed a paper above...

!&&* yeaaaaaaa......

Vag Zikos - 답글

This is a hardware issue : some component has random contact (screen connector ? )

This fix has worked for me about 2 monthes, and then it has done it again, getting worse and worse, even if I repeat the procedure, with bigger or smaller papers... Now the phone is definitively HS. But many thanks anyway

nicolas britsch - 답글

When I first tried it, it didn't work, I loosened the screws slightly so when they started to give a bit of tension I stopped. and it is working great again.

Amber - 답글

It is actually in eMMC chip and RAM problem. Pressing on location stated in above fortunately pressure eMMC and RAM as well. That is why, some seems ok, but some are not. For those ppl, it needs to reballing on eMMC and RAM. LG had that issue till LG G5. In LG G6, they upgrade design and no more that issue.


I’m not brave enough to try this method but it seems as if it only works for 2 months?

4Mfan - 답글

Por po nga poshte chipit duhet me vendos si tip Leter aluminum,si shirit pergjate procesorit,sepse ne dy video te tjera n YouTube I vendoste edhe nga nanta(nga poshte)

Donald Meca - 답글

Put a slightly larger paper than proposed but it worked!

ahmetuzer - 답글

Just did it but I noticed my wifi signal is weak, maybe I covered the radio or something?

Elias Gee (Zero TheBand) - 답글

Worked like a charm, thanks alot!!!

Leonel Elimpe - 답글

November 20th 2017 and this works. Well done mate.

Isaac Mason - 답글

The paper folding packing method is working but only for a couple of week or a month.

Can anybody have permanently soliving method?

Issue: Flickering Fading On Off ect.

skthbt83 - 답글

Oh my God…worked.. I am in the air…

Muhammad Makki - 답글

It worked for little time, may be a couple of days, after that came back to the same problem

A. Karim Refat - 답글

Number 1! Is working soooo goood!

Alessandro Pappalardo - 답글

Totally worked and thanks, but wifi and even bluetooth connection has become too weak. any solution for that?

Ali Mansoori - 답글

Maybe cus you put a big piece of paper on the connector, try a smaller one and it should work.

Also make sure that the cover is screwed properly and there are no gaps (which the big paper might be making)

Rev Limiter -

Any one have permanent solution???

Khan Muhammad - 답글

Thank u!!!

Works perfectly.

Timon Hallas - 답글

So sad that it didn't work for me…

Venura - 답글

Please help me with this issue please

Venura - 답글

Tried adding paper and sponge padding. With the right thickness, it seemed fixed for one or two weeks. Fading reoccur after that, but less frequent. Then tried applying thermal paste without any help.

I got 2 G3 having this issue and neither padding nor thermal paste were not long lasting fix.

wtel - 답글

Genious! I was skeptical at first but tried it anyway. Voila! it worked. Thank you so much.

Abhyudaya Saxena - 답글

I tried the paper and it didn’t work. Then I thought, what connections are there between the board and the plastic back? Light sensors, and the on off volume button. Wifi Bluetooth connection problem tipped me off. I knew that was caused by the connection to the outermost plastic back (housing the antenna) getting fouled. It’s fixed by lifting up the connector from the board gently and cleaning off the connector on the plastic back. If you take off the inner plastic back you can do the same thing. Lift up the connectors to the sensors and the on/off button gently, clean the connectors on the plastic inner back piece with a cotton ball, and put it back together. Perhaps the phone screen fading is because it believes it’s in your pocket with the connections fouled.

Will NYCBikes - 답글

Did the paper pad and it works. I was on my first day of my holiday and stuck without a phone so this really helped me out, many thanks!

chezbug - 답글

If you make the paper too thick, the cover on the back of the phone will not function properly as a WIFI aerial…there are 4 gold coloured connections in a row on the back of phone itself and on the inside of the back cover which all need to make good contact. Putting too thick a piece of paper will lift the black plastic too high away from the phone and interfere with the gold contacts. Try to make the paper a bit thinner and the WIFI reception should come back to normal strength.

Tom Johnson - 답글

Thanks, I watched your video and then took back off and forgot which bit to cover with the folded paper..could not find your video again so just tried the paper in numerous positions!!! Phone started to get more life each time I took it apart, eventually placed it on a gold small thing next to the USB port and used double fingered swipes ( phone screen was blank and voice was telling me it was “ 3 of five” etc “emergency calls only” in a semi hysterical female AI accent!!!) then I got settings and reset etc…now phone is working ‘perfectly'..thanks again for giving me the courage to do this, yours Ray.

Alfred Williams - 답글

Please help me, my LG G3 D855 like this



What have I to do? Thanks a lot before

isumarmo - 답글

WTF. LG has not responded to this kind of problem ever since. what a shame.


Tengo un lg g3 d855 hace meses y pense que no había solución, por ahora funciona, sólo que recalienta mucho

Juan Biglia - 답글

I applied the fix (including thermal paste) and it appears to work, but I’m now having a odd (minor) problem.

When I snap the back cover on, I can’t turn the phone on/off! I must remove the back cover to do so. :(

I notice that there are two tiny gold contacts on the inside of the case cover that could be involved. But if they were at fault, removing the cover entirely shouldn’t fix it. So what’s wrong???

Mugsys RapSheet - 답글

I tried the paper on the connector trick and it worked for a few days but then the screen flicker and fading to black came back. I noticed that when I flexed the phone's screen by holding it at its corners the problem would get better one way and worse the other. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the display so I ordered a new display w/frame assembly since they aren't too expensive for this phone model. This did not fix the screen flickering/fading, however, at least I was able to rule it out as the cause. Since I had already disconnected and reconnected all of the connectors multiple times I thought maybe there was something physically wrong with the circuit board itself like a crack. While looking over the board thoroughly with a flashlight I noticed that the thin metal shield that surrounds the Snapdragon chip(shown in the picture in step 2) can be removed by gently prying upward on the edges with a precision flathead screwdriver. Continued->

Transam6.6 - 답글

This reveals a circuit path which is connected by the metal shield sitting on it in multiple areas. I was wondering just how good the contact was so I cut 2 square pieces of rubber, about 1/2 in. x 1/2 in. each, from a bicycle tube and placed them on top of the metal shield on either side of the Snapdragon chip so that they would put downward pressure on it when the circuit board was screwed down again. I reassembled the phone and now the display seems to be working fine. It doesn't flicker or fade even when I flex the screen.

Transam6.6 - 답글

Worked like a charm, thank you!

Miklós T - 답글

4 repair shops and no one could fix it. But it worked and my phone is fully functional after one year again!

Thank you indeed

Saeed Sourani - 답글

It works - 15 min. later - no problems any more with flickering display! Thank you!

Matthias Friedlein - 답글

thans so much bro you just save me

Achuo kebei rene - 답글

I figured it was worth a shot…and it worked! Thanks!

Mel Roth - 답글

You're awesome mr. author n contributors. It works. A folded piece of paper safe a lot. May god give good health to you. WOW!

nordin shafie - 답글

It works for now, I’ll observe it for 2-3 months… Thanksomuch…

Steven Aid - 답글

I was skeptical but so far it seems to work. i can see something when i power up the phones. 1 would flicker and fade to black on boot and the other would flicker and fade to black just before the backlight goes off after booting but it would work more often than not. so far i havent seen any of them flicker or go black. hoping it hold up. if it fails ill just fold the papers a bit more since it seems to have helped so far.

rohan daniel - 답글

Worked like a charm . I had an old g3 with this problem repair shops could not repair this but this fix worked.

bunny stark - 답글

Also working for me,i am use 1mm of rubber because it does not lose shape.There must be a crack in the multilayer PCB caused by heat.

Srednio naJeza - 답글

Hello I have applied this fix

[SOLUTION / FIX LG G3 Screen Fade to Black Flickering - NO BAKING OR PAPER TRICK [NOV 2016] - YouTube|new_window=true]

please see the youtube video...

and my phone worked fine but when i try to plug an 9800 m/amb extended battery . the phone did not work .. this is the battery iam talking about .. can you help me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi0Cv9Sk...

why the original battery worked but the extended battery did not work .. can you help me please

samehsaad - 답글

J'ai créé un compte sur fixit juste pour laisser un commentaire. Ca marche! Un bout de papier a résolu mon problème. Incroyable. Merci pour le tuto. Note: J'ai du mettre un morceau de papier un peu plus épais. Les vis ont fait tenir l'ensemble.

vivie - 답글

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