Use this guide to replace the motherboard on your Motorola Moto E.

  1. Turn off the device before beginning.
    • Turn off the device before beginning.

    • To remove the back cover, start at one corner and stick the plastic opening tool under the cover and pry it away from the phone.

    • With the plastic opening tool, pry all the way around the phone while lifting up on the cover.

    • You should hear a snapping sound at each corner.

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  2. Unscrew the 14- 4mm screws using a T4 Torx driver head.
    • Unscrew the 14- 4mm screws using a T4 Torx driver head.

    • Working on a magnet board is recommended as the screws are small and can be easily misplaced.

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    • Using the same plastic opening tool as in step 1, once again pry up on the edges of the plastic back cover.

    • Be sure that all of the screws are out before lifting the cover. The plastic backing is fragile, and it may break.

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    • Gently lift the back plate away, exposing the motherboard. The battery will be stuck to the back of the cover, so be careful when lifting it off.

    • Do not touch the connections to the battery in the red square on the picture.

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    • Gently pull up on the red and black power cable to lift the connector out of the motherboard.

    • Move the battery and cover away from the motherboard.

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    • Unscrew the 3- 1mm screws using the T4 torx driver head.

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    • Lift up on the white plastic mount.

    • Pull the orange ribbon cable out gently.

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    • Gently pull the black ribbon cable out.

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    • Using the metal spudger, pry the motherboard away from the screen assembly.

    Where do you get a new motherboard

    sharon m caputo - Reply

    Where do you get a new motherboard ? Please help I love this phone and want to fix it.

    sharon m caputo - Reply

    Where do you get a screwdriver that will unscrew those little

    sharon m caputo - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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In step 8, after pulling the black cable out, how do you insert it in the new motherboard again? I doesn't go in. There's a plastic clamp inside that too. How does one remove the outer metal box?

Ritwik Joshi - Reply

Where should I find a new logic board? Motorola Moto E XT1022

Abhijith Palur - Reply

Hi my moto e board not showing signal

Mehraj Udin Dar - Reply

Where to get the new motherboard from?


Hello All,

I wanted to repair my moto e too. >At first I thought the problem is the battery as the phone was not charging and so I removed the case and connected the phone without the battery to the chrager expecting it to boot up. But this does not seem to be the problem as there is no change in the status of the phone. How do I isolate the problem as a first step.


Psp - Reply

I'm Just Having Problem of Google Microphone.s Volume Nor Working. It Doesn't Hear Me & Also It Doesn't Make the Signal. " It is Working".! Instead There is Silence. Getting Dripped Called. Very Touchy Screen. Hope I'll Have to Stop Typing What I Need to Google & Using Speaker Phone to Here My Conversations. Thank You if You Will Remedy My Situation As Soon as Possible.


MotoEGirl - Reply


My Moto E Google isn't Hearing & Also Isn't Making the Bell Noise of Operating. Its Working Without Speakerphone Operating Making Me Have to Typo Everything.

Please Help at

Thank You


MotoEGirl - Reply

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