This guide shows to how replace a broken memory card door on the Nikon D5100. I ASSUME the procedure is the same for the D5000, D5200, D3000, D3100, and D3200. Your results may vary.

  • D3100 differences: ***

Step 5 and 6 are differences for the D3100. The other steps still apply to the D3100.

Step 5 should be read before doing step 4 for the D3100.


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  1. FIRST: open the memory card door and take a good long look at how the spring is installed. There are two "feet" coming off of the spring that need to be installed into two "insets" on the rear camera cover, this has to be done before you put the cover back on.
    • FIRST: open the memory card door and take a good long look at how the spring is installed. There are two "feet" coming off of the spring that need to be installed into two "insets" on the rear camera cover, this has to be done before you put the cover back on.

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  2. Remove the battery and memory card before you begin.
    • Remove the battery and memory card before you begin.

    • Remove 3 long screws behind the eye-piece (note that the one on the top-left is slightly longer than the rest and uses a different thread).

    • Then remove the sticker over the diopter (a pick tool is helpful here) and remove the silver screw behind it.

    Removing that plastic cover is proving difficult on the D3100. I don't want to breat it. Any tips?

    airshack - 답글

    Don't break the knob off! Simply pick off the decal (-+) which conceals the screw in question.

    airshack - 답글

    • Peel the rubber thumb-grip back slightly, there's a short screw there closest to the left side of the thumb-grip. This one seems to be slightly thicker than the ones in the next step, keep it separate.

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    • Remove 3 short screws from the bottom of the rear cover.

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  3. Fixmas/픽스마스 분위기를 띄우세요
    FIXMAS12 코드로 $50 이상 구매시 $12 할인을 받으십시오
    Fixmas/픽스마스 분위기를 띄우세요
    FIXMAS12 코드로 $50 이상 구매시 $12 할인을 받으십시오
    • On the D3100 model there are only the two screws on the bottom, they are the two on the left in the picture from the previous step.

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    • If there is a strap attached to the camera, remove the strap. There is a screw in the hole where the strap attaches. There is one screw on each side. I do not have a picture but they are easy to see. Remove both screws.

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    • Remove 2 long screws from the left side of the camera.

    The rubber A/V out cover can be completely removed by pulling it outward. On the d3100 this removal makes the process of removing the back LCD/cover much easier. Don't worry about breaking or tearing the rubber. It presses back in easily once assembly of the camera is complete.

    airshack - 답글

    On my D5200 these screws are above and below the SD card door; rubber grip does not need to be removed. It appears similar to the left-side screws.

    S Lucas - 답글

    • Peel back the rubber grip on the right side of the camera, closest to the top and bottom behind the rubber grip there is a silver screw (2 total).

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    • Once you remove those screws (12 altogether) you can pull the back cover off the camera, it is still attached to the camera body via two cables so be careful not to damage them. You will then see that the memory card door slides right out between the rear cover and the camera body.

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    • Install the new door making certain to put the spring back the way it was, with the two feet installed into the insets. Put the rear cover back on and test the memory card door to make sure it's working, then install all of the screws back where they went. Reapply adhesive to the rubber grips and diopter cover if desired.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Joshua L

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Thanks a lot! I used this guide to repair not the SD card door but the scroll wheel. After taking photos under very light rain it was not responding (in fact it turned briefly to the next value but returned, so I couldn't use it to change aperture, shutter speed, etc. via the scroll wheel). I opened the rear cover and sprayed a little contact cleaner and compressed air right into the scroll wheel and after that the problem was solved. Thanks again!

guillemore - 답글

Thank You for taking the time to post this. I just completed the door replacement on my D3100. I found your photos and Your explaination spot on! It made life so much easier.



Joe - 답글

Thank you so much for posting this!! I was gutted when I snapped my SD card door and it wasn't covered by warranty. Sent an online estimate to a "camera repair" company and got quoted £48 plus postage to fix (£20 for a new door). Rang Nikon spares who sent me a new door for £2.95!!( £2 postage). But fiddley taking all the screws out but between hubby and I , we did it! Saved a fortune, took 15 minutes - camera works perfectly! Thanks again.

Mrs M - 답글

Do you have the contact info for Rang Nikon spares? I can not seem to locate them.

Reed Parsons -

2 points:

1. it isn't clear that the dioptre cover is INSIDE the button - you do not need to remove the whole button.

2. got as far as last two screws which were smaller and softer - and ended up threading one! so be careful!

Thanks - v helpful

Chris - 답글

A couple of notes for the D3100:

- there are only two screws on the bottom of the camera

- the screws on the left hand side are under the flap covering the ports. It is easiest to remove the flap by pulling on it as it will get in the way of removing the back. Once the camera is assembled it can be put back on.

Jeff Callery - 답글

So I agree with the previous poster - I almost ripped the diopter off because I thought thats what you were doing - it would be helpful to state not to do this in the step by step. Also - the rubber eye cup - I did not realize it slid off and tried to pull it off, put a tiny tear in mine and ordered a new one. My only other suggestion would be to mention that you should not test the door until the camera is back together - the springs will pop out of the slots and bend... but overall I was very grateful to have this guide.

sewall74 - 답글

Rescue- Thank you so much for posting this! Good description- need 30 min. And it works! Thank you!!

Karsten Goltermann - 답글

since you only need to open the back wide enough to clear the door tabs (about 1/8 inch , if you are brave you can do it by just removing the two door screws plus the three nearest body screws . Carefully pry the back in the door area open 1/8th inch and pop out the old and pop in the new door. Done it that way.

Chris S - 답글

After a week of unsuccessful attempts at removing the very last screw, I was able to get a very small screwdriver for Mac Book repairs that did the trick!

The diopter screw was the hardest to find.

Basically there is sticker on the face of the tiny knob. That is what you need to remove not the knob itself. I used my needle nose tweezers.

To figure that out I looked up specifically how to remove the diopter screw on iFixit that gave me other demonstrations of how to disassemble the camera and I was able to find more information on it.

Hope this helps!

Aloha Malama - 답글

PLEASE MAKE A nikon 3200 Card Reader Replacement IT HOW SAVE MY LIFE GRATFULLY !!!!!

omeninolivre - 답글

There's a dangerous and misleading part of this tutorial: removing the Dioptre screw. It's simply behind a sticker. Peel off the sticker to get to the screw, don't try to pry off the Dioptre knob. Otherwise great tutorial. Please update this section as the way it's written someone is bound to break off their Dioptre wheel. The screw is INSIDE THE KNOB, NOT UNDERNEATH OR BEHIND IT.

airshack - 답글

Thank you very much for this tutorial and for all of the other supporting comments, very helpful in getting this done today!!!

dtwilkerson - 답글

Thanks very much for this! With a D3100, I found I had to remove the rubber flap covering the ports on the left side of the camera before I could get the back off (this was hinted at above).

26david26 - 답글

Thanks. I broke the SD card door on a D5100 and managed to to a spare via ebay. The guide was spot on. Note, you need to have a decent set of jewellers screwdrivers, especially for the 2 tiny cross-points under the rubber hand grip. Note to self: Never leave a door open ever again!

richard.pullan.buss2 - 답글

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