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So first try all this methods, idf sont work try others:

1. Reset Network settings

2. Restart iPhone

3. Restore as new iPhone

4. Go to settings, date and time and change date and time to manual and restart phone

5. Try to disconnect battery drom phone and reconnect and try if it works cos sometimes is battery problem

If the procedure does not work, proceed to the next section.

What i did was researching and find out that there was same problem in 4S that people had, and tried to repair it by doing freezer method and hairdryer method. So when i tried that wifi worked a little bit , about a minute so i dissambleyed my iPhone (opened it and remove mother board) and took a aluminium foil and protect all parts od motherboard and leave only wifi chip unprotected, it is a grey litle biger chip on down side of motherboard near the camera ... after that i tooked the heatgun on 300 degrees and heated up that chip for about 5 to 10 sec ... when it heats up that you cant touch it (when izs hot ) and then leave it to cool down ... after that reasemble the phone and voilaa it works

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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