• After 20+ years, the capacitors in the Sega Game Gear will begin to leak and fail. Replacing these capacitors with new ones can potentially breathe new life into your classic console.

    • Pop open the two battery compartment covers on the back of your Game Gear and remove the batteries.

    • Remove 6 Phillips Head screws.

    • There is a 7th security screw, designed to prevent you from opening the device without special tools. The bit you'll need to remove this screw is called a "4.5mm Game Bit." (Also known as the 4.5mm Nutsetter)

    • Carefully lift up the back half of the case. There are cables connected to the back case that will need to be removed before the back can be fully removed.

    • As far as the number of capacitors, capacitance values, and layout, there are three versions of the Game Gear.

    • To determine what version you have, look on the right side of the board. You will either have one or two of this ASIC chips.

    • If your Game Gear has two ASIC chips there is only one variation, which has 11 capacitors. If your Game Gear has one ASIC, there are two possible variations.

    • If you have the one ASIC type, you'll need to look on the left edge of the main board for the VA number. There are two options, VA1 and VA4.

    • Insert wisdom here.

    • Remove the 4 Phillips screws that hold the RF shield to the board.

    • Remove 8 Phillips screws and lift the main circuit board out of the case. Be gentle with the screen!

    • Insert wisdom here.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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