If you're trying to replace any of your Sony Xperia's internal components removing the battery is the first step. This guide will show you how to open and remove the battery from your phone.

  1. Turn hair dryer to medium heat.
    • Turn hair dryer to medium heat.

    • Slowly move the hair dryer along the seams on the back of the phone. Keep the dryer a few inches away from the case.

    • Circulate the dryer for a full minute to soften the adhesive binding the phone together.

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  2. Once the adhesive is loosened, stick the suction cup to the top-center of the back of your phone and gently pull back.
    • Once the adhesive is loosened, stick the suction cup to the top-center of the back of your phone and gently pull back.

    • Gently pull back just enough to create a small gap.

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    • Once you've opened a small space with the back cover, stick the plastic opening tool into the seam of the phone.

    • Move the tool along the seam to loosen the adhesive.

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  3. Fixmas/픽스마스 분위기를 띄우세요
    FIXMAS12 코드로 $50 이상 구매시 $12 할인을 받으십시오
    Fixmas/픽스마스 분위기를 띄우세요
    FIXMAS12 코드로 $50 이상 구매시 $12 할인을 받으십시오
    • Caution: Pulling too vigorously or quickly on the suction cup could snap the back of the phone.

    • Once the adhesive has been adequately loosened, pull back slowly on the suction cup to remove the back panel of the phone.

    • The remaining adhesive should be strong enough to hold the phone together tightly upon reassembly. However, once opened the water resistance of your phone has been compromised.

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    • Now that the back is removed, the battery is visible. You now have access to the battery and its connecting components.

    • With the plastic opening tool, gently remove the connector from the motherboard.

    • Use your fingers to peel the rest of the adhesive away from the phone.

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    • With the plastic opening tool, carefully peel the white adhesive tape up from the bottom of the battery.

    • Use your fingers to peel back the rest of the adhesive tape away from the battery.

    I found this white adhesive tape just wrapped around the battery, so didn’t need to be removed

    sarah - 답글

    • Slide the spudger firmly along the right side of the battery, loosening the adhesive between the casing and battery.

    • Flex cables run vertically down the phone underneath the battery and can be damaged easily. Make sure to only place the spudger in the indicated area.

    • Insert the spudger in the bottom-center to further loosen the adhesive. Carefully separate the battery from the phone by sliding the spudger vertically underneath the battery and prying up. This may take some time and work as the adhesive is very strong.

    it would be better to show in overlay red the two vertical cables that should not be touched; i damaged by 1 mm at the bottom one of the cable and the display is no longer working, even if can hear touch feedbacks and sound and now if if it charges well :o((

    cagnes06 - 답글

    if you do what is shown on the picture at step 7 (i did) you can still damage the cable right, because it deviates at the bottom towards the left !

    cagnes06 - 답글

    Why not start the instructions by saying "This battery replacement operation is too difficult unless you are highly experienced. You are very likely to damage the phone beyond repair. Sony prefer you to buy a new phone every 2 years when the battery fails"

    Roy Banks - 답글

    I agree that it would be better to overlay red the two vertical cables. Other than that, this step is rather time consuming, than complicated. Obviously you should be attentive to not damage the cables, but if you put moderate force during 3-4 minutes, the battery will finally separate from the case.

    Wondering if it’s safe to use hair dryer at this step.

    strixaluco - 답글


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does battery replacement ruin the waterproof quality?

mitralal shrestha - 답글

get reeplacing adheessment from part store.

ooboogah dirti -

Aft er replacing 2 (so called) waterproof phones due to water damage; I kept my Xperia phone away from water. Sony's claim the phone is weatherproof is a joke.

Kevin Ledbetter -

I found that a heavy plastic guitar pick (1.0mm or thicker) worked well as a replacement for the plastic opening tools

ryandrake182 - 답글

Me too... I agree.

remjok -

Do you have to use the heat blower also in second and third time you wish to replace battery. (If not would be great because it would be simpler to replace battery on the go).

Tomer - 답글

For Z1 C6903, it may seem that the steps are applicable, but with a slight twist: After removing the cover, you need to use T4 screwdriver and remove the screws holding another "layer" (black plastic). I have to use the guitar pick and remove the black plastic "cover". Then only you can remove the battery (the C6903 battery has plastic frame with screw holes (x 4). Other than this, steps above are applicable, but I can't get the adhesive material to align properly. Remember not to dump the phone into water.

Allen - 답글


Than for da guide,My xperia z doesn't register Network,when ever I insert any working SIM, some symbols of a sim with a mark of a red X sign attached to it and even where Bars indicating the signal strength remains empty with same X mark in red attached to it, is there any I dear to fix this?

Helps can reach me faster via my email(olanya26@gmail.com)



Olanya Kay Amos - 답글

my xperiz Z phone's battery drains so soon. can i replace it's battery to more power ( mah) battery ?

Anita Singh - 답글

Ja, das ist wirklich nicht leicht, weil der Akku extrem gut hält. Vielleicht hilft es zu wissen, dass im letzten Schritt, letztes Bild (Blick auf das Handy ohne Akku) in der unteren Hälfte die dunkle Struktur, die wie ein Sessel aussieht, hier ist der Kleber aufgetragen...

Jedenfalls hat es geklappt - vielen Dank an den Autor und auch den Übersetzer!

christofwaas - 답글

Please anybody can help me that where is Sony Z 1 compact battery is availble available in ksa riyadh??? I couldn't found:(

Miss Afridi - 답글

I could not remove the battery. LCD is broken. :(((((((

Mu Ba - 답글

I change the battery any broken the Display, too. But but I know how to open that phone

cepehh -

If I replace the battery will I lose all data held on the phone?

Natalie Rendell - 답글

No if u don't touch any other part

Christopher Veletchy -

Where can i buy battery for xperia z3plus/z4 worldwide shipping?

kim hae joon - 답글

I am not too sure what my problem is. My phone sows like it is charging but i cannot switch it on for the past 20 days. Does this mean the problem is with the battery? If so, where can I find a replacement battery for xperia Z? I live in Kisumu, Kenya

Annette Opondo - 답글

My xperia just suddenly stopped working on me. It was working just fine, then once the battery was low, I needed to charge it, plugged it in the wall charger, and now it suddenly isn't working anymore. What should I do?

Cari Jedlicki - 답글

Hey guys. I replaced the battery and when booting it up the whole screen is just plain white. I took the whole thing apart again and made sure that all connectors were seated properly - re-seated them just in case etc.

Can this be some hardware damage I did while taking the old battery out? The glue was so strong, I did have to yank on it pretty hard to get it to loosen up.



Benedek Frank - 답글

My phone experia z when the charger is insert the phone will and if remove the charger the phone will turn off plus help

william limoco - 답글

I have changed the battery as mentioned above, but my phone doesn't turned on

There is only a red light indicator and nothing more

I've charged it, tried to boot it as bootloader & ...

Could it be becuz of broken new battery?! And if yeas what should I do with it?

zeus.7reza - 답글

My xpera z s battery drains so quick what do I do

Chukwudi Leonard - 답글

If after replacing with new battery then your smartphone (mine is sony experia Z1) can not turn on and if charged, only showing blinking red light 3 times and nothing happens, it means that the smartphone’s system gets no power at all, and definetely means that the new battery is defective…. If not defective but only flat / drained new battery then it can be back alive / start charging after around 30 minutes initial charging… I experienced the same and after asking for replacement new battery from the store, I now have a like-new-Z1.

amankuat2 - 답글

Where does the flat copper connector fit onto ,,phone details; aSony Xpedia. E4 model e2105.

Andy Fortune - 답글

Having same problem light flashing on screen, and red light flashing , unable to charge phone

Andy Fortune - 답글

Very nice and helpful.

Ghulam Hyder - 답글

Have successfully changed the motherboard on my xperia Z. Then recently the phone would only charge from a dead battery and if I interrupted the charging (ie unplugged and replugged the power supply) it wouldn’t continue to charge. Have just changed the battery from my spare phone now and I plug the power in, the red light comes on for about 10 seconds and then goes off. It’s not charging. Opened it up again and rechecked everything was ok, but still not charging. The old battery back in the spare phone is charging well and continues to charge when power turned off and on again. Was it not a defective/worn battery in the first place? What else could it be?

FYI I am using the same USB plug and cable for both.

sarah - 답글


Lots of good questions, not enough answers…

I have an Xperia Z3V (Verizon version—try to find info on THAT). The battery, while still chargeable, got all puffy. I purchased a replacement. (Sold to me as off-brand-not-Sony, but arrived looking nearly identical, “Sony” printed on it and everything (the numbers are not precisely the same, though): these are either clues, or a red herrings.) I got the old batt out and the new one in. (Another clue or red herring: The ONLY way to install it was face down, unlike every photo of any Sony battery ever. I’m pretty sure the original was placed that way, too. The connectors definitely connect only if the battery is in face down.)

The new battery charges right up to green! With the peeled-off-the-original-battery Qi coil stuck onto the new battery it even charges on a Qi charger! So THAT’S good. But the phoned won’t fire up. THAT’S bad.

To be continued…

lisabdot@aol.com - 답글


I’ve tried a whole bunch of found-online last-ditch efforts to get it to turn on (press the battery restart button 10 times, press the down sound button while plugging in the charger at the same time you press the start button while drinking a glass of water from the wrong side…) to no avail.

One other thing: In the first photo of step 5, just to the right of the red-boxed battery connector—what is that plugged in horizontal bar thing? I may or may not have tugged on it a little bit just because it happens to be in the very same location as the battery tabs described in several disassembly instructions found online. (On MY phone, that bar is to the left of the battery connector.) (I am hoping this would be a red herring, not a clue, because if it is a clue it likely is a clue leading to the conclusion that my phone is toast.)

Anybody have any bright ideas???

lisabdot@aol.com - 답글

Done. I use hairdryer as replacement for heat blower :lol:

qu8il - 답글

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