1. Open up the back on the tablet.
    • Open up the back on the tablet.

  2. Locate the camera.
    • Locate the camera.

    • Unscrew the two screws.

    • Use the J0 Phillps screw driver to unscrew the the two small screws on either side of the black peice.

    • Pull the black camera cover off and locate the camera with two gold bands running off upwards and to the right.

    • Follow the gold band the runs up towards the white and grey box connected to the green plate.

    • Use the wedge from step one to lift the grey box up.

    • The grey piece should open up towards you.

    • Now turn your attention back the camera.

    • Next, Follow the second gold band to right to the white paper, or the front camra.

    • Now, carefully remove the front camera with the same wedge from step one, six, and eight.

    • Use the same wedge used in step one and step six to go under the camera and carefully pry away from the sivler plating.

    • When the camera becomes loose, gental pull up and out to the right to silde the gold band out of the white and grey box.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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