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This guide will assist you in replacing your thumbstick. If you have a rogue thumbstick, you have come to the right place.

  1. Remove the battery pack cover.
    • Remove the battery pack cover.

    • Remove batteries.

  2. We recommend using a nylon spudger for this step. A metal spudger is shown. Grip the controller firmly to remove the side handles, wedging a spudger into the seam between the front and handle plates.
    • We recommend using a nylon spudger for this step. A metal spudger is shown.

    • Grip the controller firmly to remove the side handles, wedging a spudger into the seam between the front and handle plates.

    • Pry the side plate away from the front plate by moving the spudger back and forth. You will need to do this all the way around the side plate's seam.

    Start prying the side plate off underneath the trigger, this makes it easier to disconnect the other clips connecting the side plate to the backplate.

    Brandon - 답글

    One you take it off, is it possible to click it back in?

    Aiden Bear - 답글

    As long as you don’t exceed the couple tons you need to take it off you should be able to put it back.

    Brandon -

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  4. There is a hidden screw located in the middle of the controller behind the label. Use a screwdriver and punch a hole directly in the center of the label.
    • There is a hidden screw located in the middle of the controller behind the label.

    • Use a screwdriver and punch a hole directly in the center of the label.

    • You may also lift the label if you do not want to puncture it.

    • Remove the five 10mm screws located on the back of the controller using the T8 Security Torx Screwdriver.

    i damaged my screws. how do i get the screws out?

    tenzin - 답글

    wait. i just watched a video guide on ifixit's youtube channel about damaged screws. i'll try those methods.

    tenzin - 답글

    It's a t8 or t9 security bit btw, I got the top two out with a regular T8, but the bottom two and middle needed a T9 Security bit.

    David Loper - 답글

    All five faceplate/backplate screws in the controller I disassembled were T8 security fasteners.

    John Dziedzic - 답글

    Am I doing something wrong because I got the tool it said I needed and got the middle screw out but the others have a bump or something in the center of the screw and it won't fit.

    kolton77 - 답글

    The T8 is only good for the middle screw on my One S controller. The others require something bigger

    Matej Skelo - 답글

    These requires SECURITY Torx bits (they have a cannulated hole in the driver). I don't believe the iFixIt branded driver is cannulated but you can buy a set of bits from DeWalt DWAX200 which is overkill but has what you need.

    jhighsmith - 답글

    The driver that iFixIt sells is cannulated.

    jhighsmith -

    where do you get this dumb ass screw driver

    Jake Zweier - 답글

    iFixit Store #IF145-027-3

    VauWeh - 답글

    You can bypass it with a 1.5mm flathead.

    Marianne Sandling - 답글

    thank you for this. worked for me

    Mr Anderson (Evolluisionist) -

    These screws required a T10, not T8.

    Armand - 답글

  5. Remove the backplate.
    • Remove the backplate.

  6. Remove the faceplate.
    • Remove the faceplate.

  7. Remove thumbsticks by pulling them up off their poles. Remove thumbsticks by pulling them up off their poles.
    • Remove thumbsticks by pulling them up off their poles.

    Does this repair work for Thumbsticks that got pushed too far in and now aren't connected?

    Brendan Stewart - 답글

    My left joystick is stuck on going left. I did all these steps and got to it and noticed a difference in the joystick modual compared to the right modual. The left one will not stay clicked to the left like it will in all other directions. But thats the direction when using, will continuosly go left no matter how many times I click right on screen it will automatically and rapidily go left. I want to see the proper funtioning of a working joystick compaired to a broken one or one that is acting up so that can be trouble shot as well. Ronnie Grandchamp

    Ronnie Grandchamp - 답글

    Does this work with a xbox one elite controller?

    Jonathan Steberl - 답글


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Is there any advice for a controller that has had this repair, but continues to drift? I have done this repair successfully many times, and now i have a controller that (with 2 different replacement parts) continues to drift.

Is there a reset or config I can do?

Jim - 답글

Drift issues are a different problem you would need to solder a new joystick box to fix that this is for loose or damaged thumb sticks

myhero667 -

I used a cotton ball on my Xbox one Elite to fix drifting issues.

ajcroyle -

Does anyone know the correct SKU for the joystick box for the Model 1537 in particular? And any link to purchase it. Thanks

ZuYao -

Can i apply 2 thumbsticks off the xbox 360 controller when i removed them?

Merlijn Fransen - 답글

You can try to solder the connections on, but I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to make different connections. You can try it, let us know how it works out if you do.

Alec -

Any luck with the 360 component transplant?

Matt Koehler -

Hi I also have a drifting issue with my Xbox one controller & I was wondering is some lubrication on the joy stick would fix the problem

bruce.rogan - 답글

Hey everyone. I will be attempting to do a 360 joystick transplant into an Xbox 1 controller that has started to scroll through menus, although it doesn't happen in game. I'll update with the results from that.

Andrew Poe - 답글

I am going to be using the new style controller instead of the original and I am interested to see how it goes. The controller is the one from the bf1 bundle.

Andrew Poe - 답글

The tools needed does not mention security torx. It is listed correctly later, but by then I had started and didn't have the right tools...

Eric Fossum - 답글

My gta v camera is rotating and while i try to move the thumbsticks, it wont move. Even if i reconnect the controller

Plz help

K.Loughlin - 답글

My gta v camera keeps spinning even though my controller is connected

K.Loughlin - 답글

what if the little plastic pole breaks? anyway to replace it?

jono - 답글

ofcorse theres no comments after that question. god forbid anyone acutally post a helpful answer. what about after step 6 you know the actual mechanical part that makes up the thumb stick, not just the thumb pad that covers it.

Kenny Bateman - 답글

Ok guys, just found that a thumb tack fits perfectly into the small hole on the plastic arm that holds the thumb stick to the control module. Filed the thumb tack off so I was left with the small steel pin, gorilla glue the pcs back using the thumb tack pin for reinforcement. Waiting for glue to set up well and see how long that lasts for. Maybe saved 80 bucks... maybe not: I try and post the results if I remember

Chad Drake - 답글

Ok, glue dried, been playing FC4 for about 20 min, and no problems so far.

So I would say now there is a fix for when the plastic arm breaks, probably depends on where the break occurs. Mine was basically flush with the bottom of the thumb stick. Saved buying a new controller for the next little while anyway!! Hope this helped

Chad Drake - 답글

I did this same fix months ago but used part of a large paper clip and gorilla gel glue. Then my kids used it…it worked for a while but now the thumbstick started jiggling and when I took it apart it was broken again. Rather the gorilla glue fails eventually at the joint where the two broken plastic parts join. The broken off part was still solidly glued to the thumbstick but not at all to the joystick control box. I am just going to get the soldering iron out and replace the whole thing. Part already ordered for less than $1.

Jennie Pearson -

Can you use these steps to maybe tighten the thumbsticks if they feel too loose a bit to your taste?

Sam Mejia - 답글

These steps only go so far as to get the thumbstick cover off… you'd need further instructions to tighten.

-for anyone WITHOUT a t8 security… an easy workaround is a 1.5mm flathead. Works fine.

Marianne Sandling - 답글

My left thumb stick isn’t “clicking” when engaged like the right. Will this fix it? Thanks

Austin - 답글

Will this fix a thumb stick that doesn’t click down and pop up? Thanms

Austin - 답글

How do you fix it? The joystick got pushed in and its stuck i want to fix it not take it apart. Thanks in advance.

Bri - 답글

Do you know how to fix a thumbstick damaged from being dropped. My lil dro is an idiot and dropped it (the controller) too much and the top left thumbstick is damaged do i need a new one? Can i repair it? Thanks is advance.

Bri - 답글

Thanks, awesome instructions and tools had it fixed in 5 minutes.

Justin Bass - 답글

As I live in Britain, that type of screwdriver is really hard to come by. Is there any other one you would recommend?

Billy McDonald - 답글

You can use a non security torx bit if you break off the little pin in the middle, be careful not to damage the rest of the screw.

Brandon -

For anyone having issues with security torx there is a simple solution if you have standard torx bits. Just take a small screwdriver or a nail in a pair of vice grips, etc, and wedge inside the security torx against the pin and push on it. The pins will snap off and now you can use standard torx. I did this to every 360 controller I ever owned as I tended to replace thumbsticks once or twice a year and I never bothered to get security bits because it took all of a second per screw to snap the pins off.

Dan Kunze - 답글

If anyone has any advice the pole and which the joystick sets is actually cracked on my Xbox controller is there any way to get that fixed

Eric Schik - 답글

the drifting issue is very annoying i have to hold me RS joystick to type and affects my gamming hopefully doing this will solve the problem instead of buying a brand new controller.

knight slayer - 답글

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