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101 Tech USA- 에 의해 수정

편집 승인됨 에 의해 101 Tech USA

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스텝 라인

[* black] For this guide it is important to by a few packs of shims and don't just rely on the shims found in your gun already. You can never have too many shims.
[* black] Shims usually range in size from .1mm to .5mm. Try to find a pack for sale that contains good variate of both extremes or better yet by two packs one on each side of the spectrum.
[* black] shims like .1mm are great fine tuning and precision and large shims like .35 to .5 are great for filling up larger gaps and making it easier to keep track of shim placement.
[* black] The shims I am using today are .1mm .2mm and .35mm