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#1 단계의 변경 사항

Ivan- 에 의해 수정

승인 대기 중

변경 사항이 없습니다

스텝 라인

[* black] Open the laptop cover all of the way.
[* black] Using a small spudger as a fulcrum, begin removing the plastic covering at the top-right the keyboard.
[* black] Carefully remove the rest of the covering from right to left.
[* black] (Screws?)
[* black] Hold keyboard from the top and gently pull towards the LCD screen to remove the keyboard from the case.
[* black] Once keyboard is out of the case, lay it face-down on the track pad. You should note the extra cables attached.
[* black] Using a small spudger, pull back on the black bar to release the blue lever.
[* black] Pull on the metal bar with a blue tag until it is released from the motherboard.