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#7 단계의 변경 사항

Taz- 에 의해 수정

편집 거부됨 에 의해 Ryan Lutz

변경 사항이 없습니다

스텝 라인

[* black] Remove the following five screws securing the wi-fi antenna to to the logic board:
[* red] One 2.3 mm Phillips
[* orange] Two 1.6 mm Phillips
[* yellow] One 1.4 mm Phillips
[* green] One 4.8 mm Phillips
[* icon_caution] When re-assembling, start off with replacing the 4.8 mm Philips screw first, then the 2.3 mm. ''This is to ensure there is no mix-up, and avoid rendering the LCD and digitizer useless.''
[* icon_caution] Also make sure to put the long 4.8 mm Philips back in correctly when reassembling. This is the ground for the Wi-Fi antenna and is often the culprit if you are having bad wi-fi reception after reassembly.
[* black] Take great care with the tiny metal clip attached to the 4.8 mm screw to ensure it is correctly inserted below the logic board. (will try to get picture of how this sits)