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알림: 귀하는 선행 작업 안내서를 편집하고 계십니다. 변경된 사항들은 이 선행 작업 단계를 사용하는 모든 7 안내서에 영향을 미칩니다.

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Using your fingers, press down firmly on the plastic slide and push in the direction of the arrows shown above the word "Open" on the plastic.

Remove the plastic slide from its location and set it aside.

These plastic slides are not interchangeable, so make sure each goes back to its original location in reassembly.

Remove all 4 AA batteries by placing your fingernail at one end of the battery and applying force upwards until the battery is freed from its holder.

Set the batteries aside, careful to not get them wet.

Insert your fingernail or a prying tool under the notch of the plastic slide that is protecting the watch battery.

Apply force in the direction of the arrow shown above the word "Open" on the plastic. The plastic piece covering the watch battery should come loose.

Set this plastic covering aside as well.

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