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18. My replacement fan motor did not have the motor cooling hole oriented in right location, so I modified it with Dorman PN: 47062 (universal 90 degree 5/8” heater hose elbow). The Dorman plastic elbow ends have to be cut back with a hacksaw about 3/4” from each end. The rubber hose can be cut with a pair of sharp scissors. Flip the motor end of the hose 180 degrees (backwards) so the 90 degree elbow will allow it to mate up with the housing end of the hose. Use a pair of hose clamps to secure the rubber hose to the 90 degree elbow. Do not overtighten the hose clamps as the hose rubber is quite thin. Measure twice, cut once.

19. Take the completed air inlet duct housing with the motor installed back to the car.

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