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알림: 귀하는 지금 열람하신 선행 작업 안내서를 편집하고 계십니다. 변경된 사항들은 이 선행 작업 단계를 사용하는 모든 5 안내서에 영향을 미칩니다.

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Lift the side of the logic board opposite the ports out of the upper case.

Rotate the logic board away from the upper case until the ports clear the lip molded in the upper case.

Pull the logic board and MagSafe board away from the edge of the upper case as one piece.

The MagSafe board may get accidentally disconnected during this process. As a precaution, be sure the MagSafe board connector is securely seated in its socket before lowering the logic board back into the upper case.

Before lowering the logic board back into the upper case, be sure the left speaker and microphone cables are seated in their channels cut into the upper case (as seen in the third picture).

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