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Move to the front passenger foot well of the car. Remove the floor mat, if equipped, and the carpet. Find the cover, which is identical in design as the driver's side, that protects the vacuum lines. It is on the outside edge of the foot well. Pull it up to expose the vacuum lines that serve this side of the car.

On the passenger side the lock lines join together in a 4-way "X" connector. Note that one of the four lines, noted in red, is the line coming over from the driver's side supplying vacuum to the rest of the system. Note - the right hand side of this picture faces the front of the car.

Begin diagnostics on this side by pulling the line nearest the front of the car. In this picture, it has already been pulled from the "X" connector. Pump up a 10 to 15Hg vacuum on this line and check for leaks. If there are any, continue with testing the line itself and the door actuator as outlined in Step 12.

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