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Turn OFF the Phone before repair and remove the battery. Open flip screen and on the inside screen area Remove Four T6 screws.

Carefully lift off the metal screen cover.

Lift out the screen. It is attached at the bottom by a press on connection so use the spudger or pick to carefully pry it loose. There is double sided tape keeping it together with the connector.

The connector and camera holder are attached to the screen with a ribbion connector, be careful not to damage when lifting out.

Remove the camera from the holder. This is tricky as the fit is somewhat tight. It only goes back into the holder one way, but try and keep the orientation when inserting into the new part to make it simpler.

Fit the screen into the frame carefully and press the connector at the bottom to connect the screen to the phone.

Make sure the screen fits properly onto the flip screen holder. Reinstall the metal frame and screws.

Sorry that I do not have any pictures ready for this guide, but will try to add later. Order part from: US: 760 357-0303

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