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DANGER! Improper handling of live electrical circuits can cause electrocution, fire, and/or death! Do not attempt to duplicate these repairs yourself unless you understand how to safely perform electronic repairs in general. If you do, be sure you take proper safety precautions.

Wear safety glasses when soldering. You could spatter molten solder or rosin in your eye and go blind. Unplug the washer before opening the cabinet. You could electrocute yourself. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling lead solder (especially if you are a smoker.)

WARNING! If you try this and do it wrong you could wreck your circuit board. You could wreck your washer. Your washer could unexpectedly start running water and flood your house (that actually happened to a friend of mine who also owned this washer.) You could burn yourself. You could burn your house down.

I am not kidding about any of these safety precautions or risks. And I can not be held responsible for actions you take on your own. You assume full responsibility for any consequences of following this guide. Call a qualified repair person if you are uncomfortable with any of these steps.

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