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These steps are as generic as possible, since most LCD displays use a similar design. However, you will need to think carefully about how to take the display apart so you can put it back together, and have it still work!

The images are from Repair ViewSonic VX924 LCD Monitor Blinking Green power Button (youtube). You should watch it through once to get an idea for what it's like.

First, remove the plastic back of the monitor. The stand/pedestal may be attached by screws, or the back and the stand may all be one unit.

Keep the screws you removed with the plastic back. That way they won't get mixed up with the screws you take out of the internal parts.

There is also probably some sort of snap-on device molded into the plastic back.

In the video, a piece of steel is used. A screwdriver or a piece of strong, flat plastic can also do the job.

Snapping the back off should take some strength; however, too much force will permanently damage the plastic.

Start with very little force and poke the edges of the back. If one corner moves easily but another corner seems solid, then you may have missed a screw. Gradually increase the force you are using until the snaps come off.

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