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알림: 귀하는 지금 열람하신 선행 작업 안내서를 편집하고 계십니다. 변경된 사항들은 이 선행 작업 단계를 사용하는 모든 6 안내서에 영향을 미칩니다.

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Reorient the camera so it is upright and you are looking at the back screen.

Remove the rubber covers in the upper and lower right side corners. Insert spudger in between the camera case and the rubber cover and push them out of their sockets. Grab the rubbers with the tweezers and set them aside. Remove both of the 4.3 mm silver screws revealed.

Remove the 4.3 mm silver screw in the lower left corner which resides under the sliding battery cover.

When removing the screw in the lower left corner, you may need to gently pry open the casing to dislodge the screw.

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