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Make: Projects is a structured wiki for DIY projects. A wiki such as Wikipedia enables collaboration around the creation of useful information. Make: Projects is a collaborative resource for people who like to make things. It’s enhanced for creating projects that are visually rich and

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organized as step-by-step procedures with listings for tools and materials. Anyone can create a project demonstrating how to make something. (Like any wiki, you can create unstructured wiki pages as well.)

Most importantly, anyone can edit any project in Make: Projects. While anyone can edit, only approved edits become public. That approval process depends upon the person’s reputation in the system, which is gained over time.

While we are working on getting all of our site logins to play well together, for the time being, this login is separate, though you can use your Google or Yahoo account to sign in.

Watch our Introduction to Make: Projects video:

Got feedback? We value what you have to say. Send your thoughts along to Thanks for joining!

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