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Updates to Three iPod Repair Guides

We come across plenty of iPods and Macs on a daily basis. Over time we’ve become very proficient at opening them up, using techniques that we possibly didn’t consider when we originally made a particular guide.

On the other hand, sometimes we get a tip from an Apple insider (or another crafty person) which makes us totally rethink the way we open a device.

Either way, we understand that improved techniques are of great value to a person opening their device for the first time. That’s why we continuously improve our existing guides as much as we can, in addition to rolling out new ones on a consistent basis.

This week we’re announcing revisions to the case opening guides for the iPod nano 1st Generation, iPod 3rd Generation, and iPod 4th Generation/Photo devices. We’ve grouped them together because the guides have similar modifications made to them:

  • Easier opening procedure. The text and pictures reflect an opening procedure that we’ve found to be easier than the one in the previous pictures.
  • Brand-new case opening pictures. We’ve upgraded our studio since the guides were originally created, and we now have a better setup. The new case opening pictures are definitely clearer and higher-resolution than the old ones.
  • Updated text. Coming back to a guide a while after making it lets us take a fresh look at the overall feel. Are the instructions clear? Where could they use improvement? Did we omit something important, or ramble on about something unnecessarily? We answer these questions and make any appropriate changes.
  • Fewer overall steps. Each step now has the ability to contain three pictures, whereas before we had only one picture per step. We are able to decrease the number of overall steps by putting related pictures on the same step. For these particular guides, we were able to have three support pictures showing the overall action of opening the case. That many pictures would have taken several steps in the old one-picture-per-step format.

iPod 4th generation battery replacement

We certainly have a lot of fun sharing new ways of doing stuff with our user base. New methods pop up all the time, and we’re happy to include them in our guides whenever we can. Do you have a cool method you’d like to share? Let us know!