Get an iPhone X Screen or Battery Replacement Out-of-Warranty with Our Newest Fix Kits

Apple’s iPhone X contained a number of firsts for an iPhone, but also new problems for the humans who buy them. The X, released in November 2017, boasted the first two-cell battery in an iPhone and an edge-to-edge display. These fancy features ushered in a new era of technology—which, unfortunately, also led to pricier and more complicated repairs.

The Bad News

Two years later, warranties on the first iPhone X devices sold are about to expire (AppleCare+ warranties, that is; the regular warranty ended after a year). That means battery and screen replacements are about to get real expensive for X owners. Apple charges $69 for out-of-warranty battery replacements, and screen replacements jump from $29 to $279 once you’re past your AppleCare+ period. And that doesn’t include the $7 shipping charge and 7–9 day phone-less waiting period for customers who don’t live close enough to a Genius Bar to take it in.

The Good News

Last month, we released iPhone X and iPhone XS replacement screens that are less expensive than a Genius Bar repair (which we wrote about here). Today we are expanding from just parts to complete kits: along with our guides, our iPhone X battery and display fix kits will include everything you need to repair your phone on your own. And you’ll only be phone-less for the hour or two it takes you to do the repair!

Opening up an iPhone X to replace the screen

Each kit also includes a spudger, an opening tool and opening picks, a suction handle, angled tweezers, a screwdriver with all the bits you’ll need, and, of course, a quality-tested replacement display or two-cell battery (don’t forget to properly recycle the old battery when you’re done!).

Every iPhone battery replacement begins with the first step: recognizing that you need a replacement. And if you’re wondering how “waterproof” your phone will be after the fix, don’t worry: all of the kits come with replacement adhesive for you to apply using our excellent adhesive replacement guide.

The Best Part

Your Apple warranty may end after a year, but all of the parts and tools in these kits are covered by iFixit’s stronger warranties. The batteries—since they’re consumable—have a one year warranty. The replacement screens and nonconsumable tools (suction handle, angled tweezers, the driver, and all the bits) are covered under our lifetime warranty

If you want to get an idea of what you’re getting into for these repairs, or if you just want to do some pre-repair research to get ready, you can check out our iPhone X battery and display guides. Or watch our two-minute video overview.