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iPhone 3G Antennas

Replacement parts for your iPhone 3G model to fix your broken phone!

iFixit has you covered with parts, tools, and free repair guides. Repair with confidence! All of our replacement parts are tested to rigorous standards and backed by our industry-leading warranty.

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기기 정보

The iPhone 3G built upon the success of the original iPhone by adding features some thought should have been included in the original. Notable in these additions are 3G and GPS capability.

In terms of design, Apple went to a more scratch-resistant plastic rear bezel and separate parts for the display and front panel.

Fortunately, if just the outside glass is cracked, only the glass and digitizer must be replaced. To make this common repair easier, we offer an iFixit iPhone 3G Front Panel Kit that includes the parts and tools to repair your iPhone's cracked front panel. We offer a variety of replacement parts in our store to rectify your iPhone 3G's problems. Our free repair guides will also allow you to fix it yourself!

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